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May 23, 2009 07:45 PM

Looking for cheap regional eats.

I'm visiting from Portland, OR. and want to dive into some local food which I can't get in the Pacific Northwest. I am on a budget so I am looking somewhat lowbrow. Thanks!

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  1. Some Boston and New England favorites are fried clams, oysters, and lobster rolls. Boston is also home to much good Italian food (in the North End neighborhood) and one of the nation's best hot dog carts, called Speeds. All of these have been discussed on the boards extensively and can be procured at very low or very high prices depending on where you go. Your best bet might be searching any of the terms above; you will come up with a lot of good suggestions.

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      Thanks. I grew up in Boston. I guess I'm looking for the best subs, pizza, burger, etc.

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        This is not meant to be unhelpful but you will really find tons on subs, pizza, and burgers by searching those on this board---there are literally scores of threads on each and you will get far more by reading those threads than anything posted on this one. Favorite pizza places are Santorpio's in East Boston (Alan Richman just picked as one of his 25 favorites in GQ) and Pizzeria Regina in the North End. Favorite burger places are the Druid in Inman Square and R.F. O'Sullivan's on Beacon Street in Somerville (among many many others). Hope that helps as a start.