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May 23, 2009 06:49 PM

Coe House, Center Harbor, NH

We went there tonight for our first time since it reopened a while ago.

The soup du jour was a white bean / tomato basil - excellent, but the temperature could have been increased.

For my entree I had salmon on egg noodles and delicious peas. The salmon was excellent.

Other meals:

Fried eggplant, panko breadcrumbs with goat cheese and a tomato basil sauce - the wife said "Phenomonal."

NY sirloin was also excellent.

Statler chicken, fantastic rich flavor.

We'll be back...

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  1. Coe has the potential to be an excellent restaurant. Chef Day, the owner, greeted us at the door. He is a cordial fellow with plenty of experience. We were optimistic about the meal. There were some problems with the food. Our RI style calamari was more hot peppers than squid, although what squid there was we enjoyed. And starting right off with the herbed garlic butter served alongside fresh bread, saltiness was the primary flavor. LOTS of saltiness. If the most common mistake made by home cooks is too much salt and too little heat, then the converse is certainly true here. Our entrees, including the braised short rib and brick pressed chicken were overwhelmed by salt. However with excellent service and an outstanding view of the lake working in its favor, we hope that Coe House will overcome these kitchen issues and become a positive addition to the Lakes Region dining scene.

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      Looks like not much has changed w/Coe since rubysdad's review in 6/09, sorry to say. The restaurant is lovely in appearance but the food doesn't match the decor. We arrived at 6:10 pm on a Thursday night, the place was completely empty and we were told by a rather snobbish oily sort that all of the tables were reserved for 7 and 7:30 and that we could be seated in the lounge so as not to be rushed to make room for reserved guests. When we left at approximately 7:20 we saw one table occupied although there was a group of 4-5 waiting in the lounge area. Perhaps the host didn’t like the color of our shirts…….. we were not in shorts and tee shorts either! The menu looked promising but could stand for updating as (more veggie selections?) it appears that it has not changed (or much) since the previous reviews. We ordered a bottle of water and nice wine (which the server informed us they were out of and wouldn’t have more until tomorrow’s delivery; and too bad because it’s very popular). We selected another bottle (red) and were bemused to watch the server look for it in the wine cooler. Someone must have helped out because it was served after a short wait. We were seated in the Pub and there didn’t seem to be a barkeep. The wait staff and the host came to the back of the bar frequently and poured drinks for the customers. Seems odd that on a night that they have so many reservations that they don’t have a barkeep? We ordered the calamari (soggy and without flavor) the special salad for the night (Arugula, grilled asparagus, goat cheese crumbles, strawberries, candied pecans w/balsamic vinaigrette) which would have been lovely if it had been properly dressed. I detected about a tsp of dressing on one part of the arugula and the rest was served dry. The couple of berries were chunked rather than nicely sliced and there were 3-4 pecans. Dressing and presentation would have elevated this salad to wonderful instead of ok (good thing I love arugula wet or dry). I had the veggie burger which was ok but was served without condiments other than a big pile of sliced pickles a small handful of wilted lettuce and a tiny cup of ketchup for the dry thin cold French fries. We saw beef burgers served to someone else in the Pub and they had the usual condiments including lettuce and tomato on the bun. My companion ordered the Seafood Fra and it suffered as well from over salting and oldish tasting seafood. Service was acceptable if immature but I doubt we will return because the kitchen issues seem persistent based on the prior reviews. It’s too bad they have a pretty space with wonderful views and a decent menu.