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May 23, 2009 05:55 PM

Need 2 restaurant suggestions for great food and fun atmosphere

Going to Washington, DC next weekend with hubby.

We will be eating at Jaleo one night.

Need restaurant suggestions for 2 other nights.

Last year we ate at Zaytinya and we loved it but want to try other restaurants.

We like Italian, Seafood, French.

I have never had Indian food but I was thinking of trying Rasika. Hubby is not kean on trying Indian food but said he would check it out if I wanted to go there. What do you think of this restaurant and any food recommendations there?

Looking for great food with fun atmosphere.

Willing to cab it anywhere in the city.

Thanks so much!

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  1. At Rasika, get the tasting menu.

    As for Italian, consider Obelisk. There isn't one single seafood restaurant in the city that I would wholeheartedly recommend but there are plenty of great restaurants that serve good seafood.

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      I think Blacksalt (DC) has excellent seafood- You would need a cab.
      Rasika is a good choice- be sure to get the chocolate samosa!
      It is not authentically Indian but so delicious if you love chocolate like I do.
      Proof (Chinatown-metro accesible, as is Rasika) is also another good option for delicious food, great wine list, good atmosphere.

    2. For french consider Bistro Bis near the Capitol if you are sight seeing. The other recs above are all very good, as well.

      Ditto on the Rasika, it is wonderful, I think your husband could even find something he really liked. Get the crispy spinach app, and ask for the waiter to go over the menu with you, they are really good at explaining it and offering good recommendations as to heat levels and etc.

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      1. I second the rec for Obelisk. Their Italian food is excellent! I don't know what your price range is but it is much more expensive than Jaleo and Zaytinya (its a $75pp tasting menu on the weekend, $70pp during the week), but IMO the price is an amazing deal for the quality of food and service you receive. I wouldn't describe the atmosphere as 'fun' though...

        If your looking for more of a tapas-style place I'd highly recommend Vinoteca wine bar on U Street. You can sample a variety of wines with their 2oz pours, get some delicious cheese, and their plates are a medium size (between a normal appetizer and entree) and everything I've had there is delicious. My personal favorites are the truffle pasta and the braised rabbit with gnocchi.

        1. proof. definitely. rasika is a great time as well. i'm not as in love with the food as others are, but i think it's my palate and not the restaurant's problem.

          1. Well hubby refuses to try Indian food so Rasika is out of the questions.

            Any other suggestions - willing to cab it anywhere in the city for fun atmosphere with great food. Italian, French, Mexican, etc?

            Thanks so much.

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              How about Central for American bistro cuisine cooked in the French style. It's one of the most popular restaurants in town. Great energy, nice service and excellent food.

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                There's some very good seafood to be had at Mendocino Grille (California Cuisine) and Black Salt, which is a seafood restaurant. But I don't know if either qualifies as 'fun' atmosphere.

                CoCo Sala has some seating outside if the weather is nice. Tiny, tiny menu of small plates: only salads, variations of mac n' cheese, and sliders. But the swordfish and the beef sliders are wow! dishes. Salads are exceptional. They specialize in chocolate, and I would suggest a tasting of ten or so chocolates for dessert.