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May 23, 2009 05:43 PM

Grilled Pork Chop at Baoguette

Anybody try the grilled pork chop with egg banh mi at Baoguette yet? I can't get past the traditional banh mi (very spicy of course) and the sloppy bau but sounds promising...

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  1. How have the sandwiches been? My last trip to the Saint Marks branch was a little disappointing. I've had great sandwiches and mediocre sandwiches, I think some of the cooks are better than others. I haven't had the pork chop, but it looked very good. I did try the crepe, which was burnt and poorly prepared, but it was due to an inexperienced chef, so it might be worth a try some other time.

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      Yeah, I agree. I have found only their banh mi to be very good (the chicken and catfish sandwiches had good, fresh ingredients but weren't to my preferred taste, and the sloppy bao was kind of cute and not bad), and still, Banh Mi Saigon is much better. The shrimp salad was good, though, their summer rolls were fine, and their pho was quite acceptable.

      I got the pork chop and egg sandwich about a week and a half or two weeks ago, and the pork chop was overcooked to the point of carbonization at the edges, with a piece of bone in it. It wasn't a very good sandwich.

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        Gotta disagree. Though Saigon bakery is still my #1 banh mi (in Manhattan-see my national ranking here: ), the banh mi at Baoguette is within striking distance and the convenience and hours make it my new go-to place. The sloppy bao is pure Asian meatball fusion genius. And while the porkchop sandwich (which I finally tried last night) is not as good as Nicky's on 2nd, the addition of a runny fried egg (as is always the case with a runny fried egg) elevated the sandwich to make it a perfect trifecta.

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          The convenience and hours are big selling points, but I think the banh mi Saigon and banh mi gai at Banh Mi Saigon Bakery are great, and I stand by my judgment that they are much better than anything at Baoguette St Mark's. I've never been to Nicky's, because if I'm walking south, I keep going and end up at Banh Mi Saigon.

    2. Any comparisons between Baoguette Saint Mark's and Baoguette on Lexington? I was hoping the inconsistencies at the Saint Mark's branch were just a matter of working out the kinks and training the cooks.

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        I swear the St Mark's one is better. I live near the one on Lex and it just isn't as good flavorwise. And when I say no spicy they still insist on putting spicy in.

      2. Grilled pork chop is my favorite banh mi there now. Felt like I was eating a bun and banh mi at the same time.

        Has anyone tried the Veguette (vegetarian banh mi)? I still think nothing tops Banh Mi Saigon's "Buddha" vegetarian banh mi—which I actually like the best there, even over the classic banh mi—I'm curious to see how Baoguette's is...