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May 23, 2009 05:11 PM

Weekend in Downtown Dallas

The first weekend in June we will be spending a three day weekend in downtown Dallas. We are staying at the Westin downtown. I know that Stephan Pyles is around the corner, what else good is in walking distance? I recall a restaurant that was below street level in a garden patio that looked nice somewhere around the Art Museum. Can anyone identify it from this description? I think we will have lunch Friday or Saturday at the Zodiac Room in Nieman Marcus. We will have a car and will drive if there is something special but would rather walk, take the street car or that historic Trolly.

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  1. Dakota's is the place below street level. Check out Charlie Palmer's a the joule hotel instead of Dakota's, they have a better lunch. Fearings is at the Ritz and you can take the trolly close to there from the Art Museum.

    1. If it's the weekend of June 5, Nana is a short drive away and they'll have their Friday Night Flight wine/food tasting going on.

      1. Seriously be careful walking at night in downtown Dallas. Downtown is pretty deserted at night with the exception of main street when the club kids come out.

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          Thanks for scaring them away from downtown. There are always police patroling and every street has lights on it. I think they will be ok going downtown at night.

          1. re: sl1

            Downtown is perfectly safe. I could walk through the center of town with 20's strapped to my chest and be fine.

            1. re: DallasDude

              Dude ~ I wouldn't say that so quickly. We attended a memorial service at First Presbyterian Church yesterday (Saturday). We left the church about 3:30 and drove around town for a while before going to Twisted Root. We were both shocked at the drunks, druggie types and general weirdo's "hanging out" downtown. And, this wasn't at night. I'm originally from NYC so, I don't shock so easily but, I'll tell you, I wouldn't go anywhere downtown unless it was to a big restaurant (Stephen Pyle's) with valet parking.

              1. re: twinwillow

                Are we talking Deep Ellum or Downtown proper. I know by any courthouse in American its not a good scene (you would think these types would hightail it as far away after getting released) but pretty much downtown I wouldnt have a problem with. Well I really have no problem with Deep Ellum either, but I can consort well with any social class well, but I can understand the apprehension. Families have no business in Deep Ellum after dark, sad to say.

                1. re: DallasDude

                  I'm talking about downtown Dallas. Deep Ellum is another story altogether.

                  1. re: DallasDude

                    Anytime someone is in unfamiliar territory, they'd be crazy not to be particularly careful their surroundings, especially during evening hours when all types of unsortlies are more likely to venture out. And if you choose not to take caution, well...... that's your choice. But I'd never chastise anyone for providing input to that end. And truth be told, while downtown Dallas "proper" is trying and making a few strides in the right direction, it is not exactly a popping/hopping place to be out side of 9 - 5, M - F.

                    1. re: CocoaNut

                      Thanks we will be careful. A few years ago I was at a convention and walked over to catch the historic trolley out to that nice neighborhood and didn't see anything threatening. I also walked down to the American Center for an NBA playoff game, but off course the street was full of people for that.

                      1. re: bleen68

                        Main Street is bustling with people at night (especially on the weekends). I would feel very comfortable walking in that area at anytime.

                  2. re: twinwillow

                    This weekend A-Kon was held in downtown Dallas.
                    They probably were not drunks, merely Otaku.

                    1. re: twinwillow

                      Those 'weirdos' from this wknd were just Akon kids playing dress up.

                      I live downtown and often take walks with my husband, even at night! We may have a couple of gin and tonics sometimes too, but I wouldn't label us 'drunks' but to each his own

                    2. re: DallasDude

                      Gotta agree. I've been many places both downtown and in deep ellum late at night (going to and leaving clubs). I've never felt threatened.

                      Anyplace can be dangerous if one's unlucky enough to wander near the wrong person at the wrong time.

                2. Back to the OP question...any other recommendations for restaurants within walking distance downtown? I have lots of out of town guests staying downtown in a few months and would love to be able to point them in a few directions. Thanks in advance!

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                  1. re: Sarah McColl

                    Charlie Palmer, Zodiac Room, Campisis, Dakota's, Five-Sixty.
                    Check out for more.