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May 23, 2009 04:38 PM

Best / safe meat in Worcester

I have been fighting my urge for Steak Tartare again - and loosing. I need to find a decent butcher shop in Worcester/Central mass that has really good meat that comes from a trustworthy source. I used to sometimes use Whole Foods, but lately their quality (may only be ours) seems to be going downhill. Most of the meat markets around here get their stuff precut now and just unwrap it for display. Any good suggestions?

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  1. I've had good luck with Fairway Beef for fresh selection:

    I've never been to Midtown Meats or D'Erricos on E. Central St but I hear they're decent.

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    1. re: AisforAlex

      Ummm, that link goes to a Canadian meat processor. I believe Midtown only sells wholesale. Most markets purchase large cryovac cuts and butcher them for retail. I can recomend Lowes and Driscoll's in Northboro for quality meats.Gorreti's in Millbury has an excellent butcher shop. Ed Hyder has great lamb fo kabobs and kibbee naya, but not sure about beef.Best to choose a market that will grind it on the spot. Roche Bros. will.

      1. re: trufflehound

        Huh, sorry about that!

        Fairway does grind to order, happily.

        1. re: AisforAlex

          I did talk with Fairway, they basically get all their stuff packaged, and most of it came from somewhere in China - he wasn't even sure where. They are more price focused.

          Not familiar with Driscoll's - where is that?

      1. re: Jeremy01506

        My Gramma buys her meat at Tom's Market in West Boylston. She is Armenian and buys her lamb here as well as other meats.

        1. re: mrwynter

          My mom's armenian and buys her meat here, too--must say something!

          1. re: mrwynter

            Is this the place with a deli on one side of the street and a fruit store on the other?

            1. re: trufflehound

              I have not been down that way in years but here is the info. She also gets her bread next door at Darby's.

              Central Street Market
              76 Central St
              West Boylston, MA 01583
              (508) 835-4148‎

        2. You could also try Emerald Meats on Chandler Street, just off park ave. He's a great guy and very accomodating. D'erricos also has great meat.

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