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May 23, 2009 04:22 PM

Fractured Prune - Ellicott City

Has anyone been to the Fractured Prune in Ellicott City? I have a serious craving
for a good doughnut, I prefer the cake-style. Wondering if it's worth wasting the
calories at FP or try somewhere else in the Ellicott City area?

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  1. I've visited the one in Fairfax. Didn't feel the urge to buy anything, just like when I saw the offerings at Cake Love at Tysons.

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    1. re: Chownut

      I was at Micro Center in Fairfax just the other day and noticed that Fractured Prune has moved out. I went in there once shortly after they opened (FP donuts were a hot item on Chowhounds for a while), and was shocked at the price of one donut. I figured that I should try one, though, got the simplest one, maple sugar topping I think, and wasn't terribly impressed. The best part of the visit was that I told the counterman that I had heard lots of good things about it and this was my first time, and he didn't charge me for the donut.

    2. The one next to Rita's is closed. Is there another one?

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      1. re: little audrey

        I'm with Little Audrey. The last time that I called, the Ellicott City Fractured Prune had closed. The one in Columbia is closed too, although it sat for months looking like it could re-open on a moment's notice -- signs still on the door, sodas still stacked inside.

        1. re: HowChowBlog

          The last time I drove by it looked open but I didn't drive in the parking lot to check. I guess that settles that. They never looked particularly busy to me, but I wasn't driving by in
          the early morning which I guess is prime doughnut time. Guess my waistline is safe!!

      2. I've been to the Fractured Prune in Rockville Town Center a couple of times. What they have can be summed up as a designer, fresh-fried cake donut. If you're a cake donut person, you'll appreciate this place. If not, the product is so-so.

        My only real warning is that the exotic flavors are real sugar bombs.

        1. FP is a fun place! I love donuts, cookies, cupcakes. These were like a dream. You can pick your flavor and they dip them and make them for you right there. I would recommend you try a FP donut. It is more like an experience. yum

          1. Something is going on with the Fractured Prunes around here. One opened on Route 606 (Old Ox Road) between Route 50 and the Dulles Greenway. Now it never looks open but the neon sign is still lit in the window.

            Meanwhile, a new Fractured Prune is supposed to open in South Riding, in the location of a former Caribou Coffee that closed as a result of some sort of franchisee dispute (a Caribou Coffee in nearby Brambleton is alive and well).

            Personally, I'm not a huge FP fan. It's fine down at the beach, where they started, but I can live without it.

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            1. re: Bob W

              the FP that used to be next to Rita's in Ellicott City is now a pit beef place that is only OK. Not nearly as good as The Canopy.