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May 23, 2009 03:03 PM

Brunch in Houston....

Anyone have a really good place for brunch in houston, Galeria Area... Thanks

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  1. ten minutes away from the Galleria,, on Westheimer,, head to Hugo's for brunch.. Its awesome.. Make a reservation...tonight...
    U can also head a little further down lower Westheimer and enjoy brunch at Indika's.

    1. Had brunch this past weekend at Baba Yega. Very popular (crowded) but good buffet. I liked it. Located off Montrose on Grant between California and Missouri (I think this is right)

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        I happened upon the Sunday brunch at Max's Wine Dive. The grapefruit mimosas were great. The Nutella-Banana French Toast just about killed me. Highly recommend.

      2. I suggest brunching at the Remington inside the St. Regis hotel if you're in the Galleria area. You will not be sorry. They host a delicious brunch.