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May 23, 2009 01:37 PM

Question about the Calphalon contemporary stanless steel fondue set

Hi. I received one of these as a gift but it's lacking instructions. If I'm making a cheese fondue, do I melt the cheese in the 2 qt outer pot directly on the stove or do I make it on the stove in another pot and put it in the insert pot when it's ready? This is the set:

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  1. It's a nice looking set. The video in your link shows the demonstrator making the fondue on the stove in a separate sauce pan, then pouring into the ceramic insert of your set. This is, I presume, the intended procedure.

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      I hadn't watched the video b/c the set in it is different. Ours has a stainless steel insert instead of a ceramic one. I'll use the insert and see how it goes though. The same set is on sale elsewhere online for about $49. Thanks!