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May 23, 2009 01:32 PM

Jam Donuts


Does anyone know where I can buy jam donuts in Montreal. Somewhere near the plateau or le petite patrie would be ideal, but I'm willing to travel if necessary. The attached picture is a fairly accurate representation of the kind of jam donut I'm looking for.


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  1. Dare I mention it???? There is always Timmie's.

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    1. re: bigfellow

      I'm not intimately familiar with their menu, but people in work often bring in TH donuts, and I've never seen one that remotely resembles the picture above. Even if they do make them, I'm sceptical about their quality

      1. re: hhhggg

        Hey, what can I say...they do make them though.

        1. re: bigfellow

          Haha, was gonna mention that too but afraid to lose any chow cred. But Timmie's makes as good donuts as anyone, imo. And they invented my faves, the maple and maple cream!

        2. re: hhhggg

          Have you tried Wawel's Polish-style filled doughnuts (aka paczki)? Not sure they have any red-berry varieties, but they have apricot & prune and they're all mighty delicious. Numerous locations across town.

          pix of the doughnuts:

          1. re: kpzoo

            Second Wawel. Go early in the day for the prune-filled ones as they tend to sell out early, for good reason!

            1. re: mtb

              YES! Those polish ones are good, filled with plum/ prune jam.

              1. re: humbert

                Wawel's are terrific (I prefer the apricot!) however, they are a bit on the heavy side. And they are glazed not sugared. Not exactly like Fred's picture. TH makes jelly donuts but I'm not a big Timmy fan.

                1. re: mammab

                  The prune ones are glazed but the apricot and cream ones have powdered sugar, I believe.

      2. UPDATE: Sorry, I should have been more precise in my original post, but I'm specifically looking for a strawberry jam filled donut. If that's not available, another kind of red berry jam filling (e.g. raspberry) would be acceptable.

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        1. re: hhhggg

          If you can find a Dunkin Donuts in this city, they have them jelly filled donuts

          Place Ville Marie food court
          next to Metro Joliette