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May 23, 2009 01:25 PM

need help finding places to eat by myself

the last time i was in paris alone, two years ago, i ate at lots of great places, but got very tired of being the absolutely only person alone--it seems the french do nothing by themselves. i went to joel robechon's atelier, le comptoir, the restaurant at the modern design museum, and several other fancy pants places. i know how to dress, i speak passable french as long as i don't have to discuss future events, yet still, i felt a bit, well, stared at.

i'm going to be in paris for four days in july. i don't like to do the tourist thing, i like exciting food experiences, doesn't matter if they are cheap or expensive as long as they are remarkable, and i tend to like the new modern and hip.

any suggestions?

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    1. It's not a problem eating along but it is uncommon. My best advice is to hit the best places and get over the feeling of being stared at. The few places where you will structurally find alone people are designed for meeting people, not having food. Restaurants and bars are not the way most Parisians meet.