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May 23, 2009 01:16 PM

Beware Springfield IL holiday weekend hounds

Having driven through and worked in Springfield for many years, up until the past year, I have a pretty good idea of eating places. Was driving through to Quincy from Champaign, where I live and tried to stop at Feed Store by the Old Capitol - a decent place for a sandwich and drink, and I like their cake. Despite the holiday weekend with ample tourists - CLOSED. The grill next door - closed. I assume there are a few places open, but stay far away from the place 2 doors down, some sort of "bistro" with the word olive in its name. No idea about customer service, took 45 minutes to get in, get an overpriced, underwhelming croissant sandwich (for nearly $9) and be seated at the bar, listening to unpleasant line cook. Couldn't even get my bill, then the owner came over, asked what I ordered - I couldn't remember exactly what it was called on the menu, which she took umbrage at. I described it, and said that generally I don't have to tell the staff what I ordered. She comped it in a smug sort of way.

Stay away from the place - try Andiamo around the corner instead, or Cafe Brio on Monroe. Sheesh!!

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  1. just a few of the reasons that I rarely go downtown anymore; I never know if a place will actually be open or not and even when they are open, most places downtown drip with attitude. They are scornful of your presence when you show up to eat and are scornful that you'd eat elsewhere when your not.

    There are so many better places that deserve our business.

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    1. re: chris in illinois

      Glad it wasn't just me...gee whiz, Springfield...the $$ is right there for the taking!!!

      1. re: ddfry3

        FWIW, the new museum has draw lots of extra traffic and I don't think that the downtown businesses have adjusted very well.

        On the other hand, there are any number of other worthwhile places to chow at where the parking is free and the attitude is nil.