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May 23, 2009 12:39 PM

Borboleta, Bouldin Creek, and other healthy options?

Austin 'hounds - you've already been incredibly helpful on picking out the decadent meals for our group, but now I turn to you for advice to suit the pickiest eater of the lot (me!). I'm looking for some wonderfully healthy, simple, clean dining options (eg steel cut oats for breakfast; lush, bountiful salads for lunch; macro green plates etc). Are Boboleta and Bouldin Creek the right places to hit? I'm guessing that Whole Foods is another good option. The vegan/raw/vegetarian places suit me perfectly, but my travel companions prefer to have meat with every meal, so healthy non-veg restaurants are also very welcome. Thoughts?

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  1. casa de luz

    mr natural

    love bouldin creek as well. never been to Somnio's, heard good things and a few bad about that place

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      Thanks, NirvRush. Casa de Luz sounds right up my alley.

    2. Mother's Cafe provides a full menu of healthy, semi-healthy, and not so healthy veggie meals. Sunday brunch is great too.