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May 23, 2009 12:22 PM

Atlantic City

was checking the Atlantic City area...haven't gone, but these two places look great, both at the Borgata Hotel

Bobby Flay Steak:

Wolfgang Puck American Grill:

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  1. We went to Bobby Flay Steak last June before a Steely Dan concert. Being Flay fans we were excited about going. The place is rather nice but try to get a table against the far wall (in an area which is slightly elevated) away from the window that looks out onto the slots.

    Unfortunately we were not all that impressed with the food. The salads were OK but we do better steaks at home. I had the NY Strip and my wife the ribeye......neither was anything to write home about. Maybe our exceptations were too high for a casino restaurant....I dunno.

    We each had a couple of drinks so the meal cost us around $160-$170.

    1. Booby Flay steak and Pucks both suffer from poor food the best restaurant NOW at the Borgata is Homestead steakhouse

      1. Celebrity Chef restaurants have been less than memorable.
        This is not just Atlantic City, pick your city.

        Now, if these 'Celebrity Chefs' would make a cameo appearance and actually cook a meal at one of their restaurants for regular folk - that might be something worth trying!