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May 23, 2009 12:19 PM

ISO Party Sandwiches

I am planning a shower for my cousin in July. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best party sandwiches? Snowdon, Real Bagel, and Loblaws have all been recommended, but I really want the best.

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  1. The best party sandwiches IMO are at Fressers. And this is coming from a party-sandwich addict who is always looking for a better party sandwich. In particular, I'm a big fan of their spicy-tuna party sandwiches, which lift the party sandwich to a new dimension.

    5737 Boul Decarie (just north of Cote-Ste-Catherine)
    Tel: 514.739.4034

    1. I agree that Fressers is a great choice too.

      In the same vein as Loblaw's you could add Costco.

      And if there are any restaurants you particularly like, many if not all would make up platters for you given enough lead time. It really comes down to how much you want to spend.

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      1. re: MikeyMadness

        I have tried party sandwiches from everywhere and none compares to Fressers. The spicy tuna is not really "spicy" just tastier than regular tuna. They beat even Patisserie Gascgone, who by the way, make a nice variety of just smoked salmon styles, if you're interested in that.

      2. SNOWDON DELI............hands down.......for taste and freshness.....salmon..egg.. lox & cream cheese........i've tried the others........and keep going back to SNOWDON

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        1. re: penlite

          Disagree. Much prefer Fressers - esp. spicy tuna. Snowdon Deli's are so bland it's like eating air.

          1. re: kpzoo

            Fressers beats Snowdon Deli by a mile. Also, for larger quantities you can always consider the kosher bakery at the bottom of Victoria (corner Jean-Talon).

            1. re: mtb

              Last time I had Snowdon Deli the bread was wet...soggy...gross. Fressers.

                1. re: naturelle

                  And Maxi's in Cavendish Mall? (a long while since I've been there, mind you...)

                  1. re: anachemia

                    Not sure which Maxi's you mean - the small bakery? (The grocery store is an IGA.) Last time I was at the small bakery they had no party sandwiches - I looked specifically. ;-)

                  2. re: naturelle

                    Solly's = nowhere near as good as Fressers. And not always fresh. The last batch I had from the Solly's on Westminster was very disappointing, actually.

          2. Seems like Fressers is winning. I couldn't find a web site, so I guess I will drop in. Any recommendations... spicy tuna is already in.

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            1. re: Andria

              Double-decker half egg half salmon. Also the round ones with cream cheese, lox and sweet cornichon, classic.

              1. re: mtb

                Just ask for spicy tuna and egg. It doesn't mean that egg is in the tuna, it just means egg salad is in the box. As well they make a "meat" selection of party sandwiches. They are mini marble rye and various sliced cold cuts. Not as "fancy' as the others, but cute and just as yummy!