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May 23, 2009 12:09 PM

Victory gardens in Norcal

Who's growing what in their "victory" (vegetable) gardens? With any luck, I should have more tomatoes, squash, and melons than I know what to do with this summer. Anybody in the SF Bay Area willing to trade extra crops?

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  1. Oakland reporting for duty, Ma'am! My partner built a very clever 3 tiered planter box for our deck varying in depth from 3 ft. to 1 ft. by 6 ft. long. Top tier is corn, beans and squash. Middle tier is tomatoes, loose leaf lettuces and eggplant. Bottom is herbs, arugula and more lettuce. As we approach June (even tho' it's fracking COLD today...) everything is looking most thrive-like. Fertilize once a week and water every 3 days. They loved that heat spell of 2 weeks ago! We have a large backyard, but not great light (or soil; typical Bay Area clay, grr!!) which is why we did the box on the deck. Gets sun for 7-8 hours vs. 4-6 in the backyard. Won't have enough to trade, but that can be a good thing too. How many zucchini breads can you make, after all? adam

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      And I thought I was crazy planting corn in Berkeley. I never have before -- it's now as high as a guinea pig's eye. That heat spell was nice, wasn't it?

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        Thanks Adam! I fake fertilize with used coffee grinds and eggs but blessed with Sonoma heat. I've got something similar. I haven't been motivated to tier but have a foot high by three feet wide bed. and either side is 17 feet long. I'm planted chilies and eggplants in between the exposed roots of my mulberry tree in front.

      2. If you're not in the light brown apple moth quarantine area, you could sign up with veggie traders and find someone nearby who'd like to trade with you. Unfortunately, not too many people have signed up yet. It's a great idea, though.

        I *wish* I could trade my artichokes for some peas or carrots. My SO won't eat any more of them, so I'm eating artichokes every day for lunch. Meanwhile, my snow peas are mildewy and my carrots refuse to germinate.

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          Glencora, Did you start all your veggies from seed? You are very brave. We started some sunflowers, poppies, and herbs from seed (indoors in a mini greenhouse made from a "clamshell" that we modified.) and most of them failed to thrive. All our other veggies were from 6packs or starts. They don't seem to mind this cold, damp weather but I do!! Happy Memorial Day... adam

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            My first carrots should fill out within the couple of weeks if interested, we love artichokes!

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              Practically the entire Bay Area is under the LBAM (light brown apple moth) quarantine now, unfortunately. Take a look at the map in this article:


              Too bad, because I know I'm going to have extra cukes, squash, beans, etc. (Though somehow I never seem to have extra melons -- grin.)

            2. As Glencora posted, it may be illegal to transport your produce. I have been through several quarantines, many for fruit flies and recently the brown apple moth.