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May 23, 2009 11:35 AM

Bludso's vs BigMistah BBQ update

Well we have been to both a couple of times in the last month. At all BBQ places , I always order with the sauce on the side.

Reflections, BigMistah's brisket is the bomb but so is Bludso's. I like the thicker slices that BigMista does, but that is about it. At both places I order my brisket from the "wet" side. At both places , I had no need to add sauce, the brisket was great.

BBQ sauce: no contest for me. Bludso's is great. BigMista's totally misses for me. Even my son who likes spicier stuff threw it out.

Slabs of Ribs: Perhaps I got BigMista on two bad days (both times in Watts), but his spareribs were not very appetizing both times. Surprisingly they had no smokey crust. Bludso's ribs on the other hand were much tastier and had a very charred appearance, though not as crusty as I like. Actually , I prefer the rib tips at Bludso's (ties for my best with Phillip's). I do not think I will find out if the 3rd time is the charm at BigMista for ribs. Additionally, on the weekends, Bludso's does killer angus beef ribs.

Both serve great Banana Pudding when they have it. (weekends at Bludso's).

The only place in LA that I have gotten brisket that could compare would be Mom's on Imperial Highway (not the Mom's in the valley, which has passable Q too).

For pork ribs, I would still put Phillip's most any day and R&R (on their good days) a notch, and a small one at that, above Bludso's. BigMista's spareribs would not be on any best of LA for me.

Bludso's also has top notch pulled pork and surprisingly decent chicken (which is difficult to do in a pit bbq). I am not a hot link fan, but my son gives a thumbs up to all three types at Bludso's.

I rarely eat sides with my Q. The only side in LA that I would not miss are the beans at J&R.

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  1. Huh, interesting. I personally liked BigMista's ribs and brisket better than Bludso's. Bludso's was a little too thin for me. Bludso's ribs were definitely close to BigMista's. I kinda feel you on the sauce, but I think that may be because the sauce was overly salty when I was at BigMista's, and I'm guessing it was an anomaly... I definitely need to get back to both, but neither are really convenient for me (westside). But, I think we are pretty lucky to have BigMista and Bludso's (and Phillips) for us to eat from.

    PS - I enjoy sides w/ my cue, but the only side that I actually crave are the beans from KC BBQ - OMG they're good.

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      1. I went to Mom's on Imperial today on the way home from beaching it at PV. 1st day of my stay vacay.

        Mom's was not good. I had the beef and pork ribs. They were not smoky. Not charred. The sauce was thin and weak. The beef ribs tasted both game-y and boiled. I will not return.

        Phillip's is still my fav.

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        1. re: Hershey Bomar

          maybe things have gone downhill, but the last time i went to mom's, the spare ribs were smokey and had a beautiful deep red bark and smoke ring. if it's black, that indicates a poorly controlled fire leading to a buildup of soot and creosote. nasty and carcinogenic!

          1. re: aizan

            No redness. No smokiness. In fact today I think back on them and cringe. They were gross!

            BTW this is Mom's off the 105 and NOT the one in Van Nuys.

        2. Being a big fan of pork ribs, I've gotta say that both Big Mista and Bludso's are delicious. Their subtle differences make it hard to pick a favorite. Both good, just slightly different preparation and sauce.

          1. I had both briscuit and pulled pork sandwiches from Big Mista's with the 'hot sauce' on the side day before yesterday. They have greatly improved the sauce, I used to find it nowhere near spicy enough but now it's quite spicy and I like the flavor!

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              This is great news, as I loved everything about BigMista's except the sauce. And especially, now if they have a hot sauce!