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Aug 13, 2004 02:32 PM

Lola's-Best Roast Chicken in Los Angeles?

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Lola's was voted Best Roast Chicken in LA in this month's Los Angeles magazine and since it is just a few miles away I decided to check it out. It's actually called Lola's Peruvian Restaurant y Polleria. They did not have a menu in English but I could decipher most of it. Since the article raved about the chicken I decided to go with that. Got a 1/2 roasted chicken and 2 sides (beans & salad.) Next time I'll probably go with French Fries. I saw someone order them and they looked hand-cut and delicious. It was $6.99 and very worth it. The chicken is moist and delicious, and it comes with 2 sauces. One was sort of a non-descript white sauce and the other was a delicious green spicy spread. I loved it...even more than Zankou's garlic sauce I think. I'll definitely be going back! (And I'm going to translate the menu first.)

Lola's Peruvian Restaurant
14851 Victory Blvd. #C (at Kester)
Van Nuys, CA 91411

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    Natalie in Los Angeles

    I'm not familiar with Peruvian food but I've attempted to translate the menu by searching around on the web. Seems that they do not have the Peruvian delicacy of fried guinea pig, but they do have:

    Saltado of beef, chicken or fish - appears to be a stir fry on rice.
    Tallarin Saltado of beef, chicken of fish - stir fry with pasta
    Papa ala Huancaina - Potatoes in a spicy cheese sauce with egg
    Anticuchos - grilled beef hearts
    Pancita - Beef belly (tripe?)
    Salchipapas - Fried hot dogs and french fries
    Tiradito - Peruvian sashimi/carpaccio with creamy sauce
    Ceviche - they have fish or mixed
    Camarones al Ajo - Shrimp with Garlic sauce
    Picante de Mariscos - Seafood in red sauce
    Arroz Chaufa with seafood, meat or chicken - Peruvian Paella/Fried Rice
    Aji de Gallina - shredded chicken in milk sauce

    And the afore mentioned chicken.

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    1. re: Natalie in Los Angeles

      Sounds awesome! Will have to check it out. Is it sit-down, or order-at-the-counter like Zankou?

      1. re: Jennifer W.
        Natalie in Los Angeles

        It's order-at-the-counter like Zankou. And I got my food to go.

      2. re: Natalie in Los Angeles

        Fried guinea pig! Sounds like some serious business.

      3. BTW, Lola's has a second location in Glendale

        230 North Brand
        (818) 956-5888

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        1. re: Norm

          Lola's in Glendale is a sit down place.

          1. re: ferno

            With the same excellent chicken served at the speed of glacier.

            They also have an outstanding salmon salad at lunch. Just don't go if you only have an hour's lunch break.

            The best Peruvian rotisserie chicken in the Valley is at Super Pollo, on Van Nuys and Hamlin, next to the La Opinion offices. They're not Peruvian, though -- they're Bolivian. (I've tried the salchipapas and they're not all that.)

        2. Lola's is chicken is ok, but not great. I don't know that I would select it over either Costco's or Zanko's. It is a pretty good change of pace. The sides there are not very good in my opinion.

          1. Lola's chicken is absolutely delicious. I always order a whole chicken (brown and extra crispy) to go...yummy! cook my own roasted potatoes in the oven and dip everything in their spicy sauce!

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. The chicken at Zankou is actually not so good -- it's just the garlic sauce that makes you forget. The rotisserie chicken at Super Pollo or at Pollo Mundial A La Leña is better.