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May 23, 2009 10:27 AM

Lemon custard donut, too!

I posted previously about the Hopkins Street Bakery, now firmly under new ownership, having lucious handmade donuts with raspberry filling that tasted like the donuts of yore, not like your average made-from-a-commercial-mix donut. Now they have added lemon with a white sugar glaze (not too much, either.) It's also $1.50 and worth every scrumptious penny since it weighs a good bit more than others do. Just pulling the donut apart since the dog needed his 1/2, I could see the dough pull like real yeast dough.

They also have bombolinos for $1.75 but I think the custard isn't vanilla enough. It would be a kick if they upped the flavor a notch. And also if they made a slightly rum-flavored one. Unfortunately, no place to sit but outside and it was cold this am. But with their quite respectable coffee and a head of steam from walking 5 miles, the donuts really hit the spot.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
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      Hopkins Street Bakery
      1584 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA

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        Yeah, it said it linked in my orginal post and in my second it linked and said it was a duplicate but no link appeared in the first one. A bug? My mistake somehow?

        1. re: rccola

          The donuts sound great!

          There's probably a bug of some kind because the first problem seems to crop up with some frequency. As far as the duplicate, trying entering as little info as possible, just Hopkins, and Berkeley, CA for the address, and that finds the original record.

      2. Do they make the donuts every day? The bombolinos are a Saturday only thing.

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          Donuts seem to be daily. I want to go have one now but don't want it to become a habit. Bakery seems busier and more prosperous than before.

        2. That is one damn fine donut.

          I had the raspberry-filled donut today. I took a look and was skeptical ... too small, too round. It looked more like a larger bombolini.

          But no ... it was great ... jelly donut classic taste as you mentioned. This donut and the jelly donut at Bouchon are the only two in the Bay Area that are worth the calories, IMO. Bouchon's donut has the slight edge, but is twice the price.

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          1. re: rworange

            Glad you tried it. It might be that it would have been even better in the morning, freshly made. And the lemon was even better than the raspberry. Shame I can't afford the calories every day.

            1. re: rccola

              what time are the DONUTS usually available?
              when i stopped in fairly early they only had cookies
              and eclairs. the eclair was pretty good, but not
              especially unique.

              1. re: psb

                I had a donut this afternoon at about 4. It was better than ok, but I think earlier would have been better.

                1. re: lmnopm

                  I usually have them on the way back from a long walk with the dog at about 9:30 to 10 on the weekends. I have been there early and the donuts weren't out but when I had a still warm one--YUM. Guess maybe call to make sure if it's a trip for you. I was muchly disappointed there were no lemon today.

                  1. re: rccola

                    oh, i tried a RASPBERRY DONUT today. i concurr -- definitely a
                    quality product.

                    BTW around 3:45 they had ~10 on the counter, so it doesnt appear they
                    instantly sell out.

                    i got a BBQ pork rib from that meat/chicken store next door to HOPKINS BAKERY. it was horrible, however they have decent prices on some deli
                    meats, so i picked up some coppa.

                2. re: psb

                  Come to think of it, I've never realy had a sublime eclair. I like eclairs but they vary from awful to good but they're just not that special. I think that comes from puff pastry being refrigerated for hours before you buy it. Gets kind of cardboardy. I will say that Hopkins' pastry cream needs more vanilla or other flavor.

            2. Tried the raspberry donut a couple days ago and thought it was quite nice--definitely tasted homemade, like the crullers my 80-year-old Italian-American neighbor used to make when I was a kid. Would have been much better if still warm, though.

              When I asked the woman working about the lemon-filled donuts, she said that they had only made one batch since she'd started working (about a month ago) and hadn't made another since. She said they had custard-filled Italian donuts (not lemon per se) that they make on Saturdays only--I guess those are the bombolinos mentioned by the original poster. Otherwise, my impression is that it's the raspberry donuts (and not the lemon) all the time. Can anyone confirm if that's the case, or have people seen the lemon ones lately?

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              1. re: abstractpoet

                I ordered a dozen raspberry and a dozen lemon for a brunch last weekend and all I can say is, I felt sad for the anti-gluten people having to eat the (delicious) flourless chocolate cake while everyone else had donut sugar all over their faces and were humming yummmmmmmm! out on the back deck. They were all gone in a flash.

                To quote everyone who tried the fresh-made-for-us donuts, "Best I ever had." Including a visiting Aussie.

                1. re: rccola

                  So is the lemon available on a regular basis now, or only for special orders?

                  1. re: abstractpoet

                    I shall endeavor to ask next time I'm there at the same time as the owner. Last time I stopped by it was just after 7 am and the donuts weren't ready yet. Wanted to take a bunch in to work.

                    1. re: rccola

                      I brought in raspberry for work today and the woman behind the counter said lemon was Saturday only, which I find a big mistake.