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May 23, 2009 10:14 AM

Pomegranate Molasses in Baltimore?

Hey, all!

Apparently the Harbor East Whole Foods has stopped carrying it, and I'm not up on my Middle Eastern markets, Anybody know of someplace in the city -- preferably Inner Harbor or maybe Roland Park-ish -- that carries pomegranate molasses?

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  1. We've split a recipe for making your own pomegranate molasses to a new thread on our Home Cooking board. You can find that thread here:

    Please keep replies to this topic focused on where to find it in the Washington DC & Baltimore area.

    1. A bit of a re-post since the on-topic material was swept away with the cooking discussion:

      Ended up picking it up at Rose Market in Parksville on 2300 E. Joppa. Looks like it's taken over the space that used to be Europa Market. I can't speak to the previous incarnation, but Rose Market is a cute little Middle Eastern place that I would have liked to have given a closer look if I weren't in such a rush. Merits further investigation.

      And they had three or four brands of pomegranate molasses to choose from :-)