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May 23, 2009 10:02 AM

Best chicken mole in SF - where?

Was down in LA and had a great meal at Monte Alban, one of my faves, where they don't just have mole - they have green mole, red mole, black mole etc.

I haven't found mole to rave about here yet. Any recs for delicious mole would be highly appreciated. (Btw, my fave of the monte alban moles is the green because it has a little more of a kick to it than the others do.) Thanks hounds!

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  1. Hounds have found but ONE Oaxacan place in the city limits. That would be the newish La Oaxaqueña on Mission. Haven't heard anything about it since soon after opening, but that's where I would start. Here's the thread,

    On friday, Black Bean (soon to be La Victoria) in Redwood City had coloradito mole. Sigh, but perhaps not for long.

    1. The chicken mole at Las Camelias in San Rafael has stayed the same (very good to my taste) for a long time.

      Las Camelias
      912 Lincoln Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901

      1. The mole at La Oaxaqueña is top notch and very reasonably priced. Oaxacan style mole is thick, dark with a deep smoky chocolatey finish. If you go there, try the chicken mole tamales --- made both in the traditional corn husk or, for a large tamal, in a banan leaf

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          You're describing mole negro. Does La Oaxaqueña make the other styles (yellow, red, green, coloradito, white)?

        2. The best mole poblano in the city is at Nopalito. Lots of depth to the flavors, complex. The draw back is that it's $13 for a chicken leg. Granted, a fairly large leg, but it's pricey.

          Across the board, they've done a very good job with the interior Mexican dishes there. Still lacking a little heat, but very good.

          1. I can recomend the chicken mole and enchiladas mole at Pastores.

            Pastores Restaurant
            3486 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110