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May 23, 2009 08:49 AM

Where can I find Banh Mi in Pittsburgh?

I know about Lucy in the Strip District, but are there any other places where I can get a Banh Mi sandwich??? I fell in love with this at a small take out place in San Francisco but haven't had much luck here.

Buy the way, Lucy's are great, but I want to try someone different!

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  1. Let me know if you find any...I love Lucy's but would like to find another option, as well.

    1. Pho Vietnam, further down on Penn Avenue, has banh mi now.

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      1. re: MoriahBee

        From what I've seen on the board, Lucy is not longer there, but her replacement is even better.

        1. re: PattiCakes

          Lucy is back! Chatted with her today.

          1. re: six dower

            Seems Lucy is set up in front of Firehouse lounge now, and the new people are where Lucy used to be. Banh Mi war in Pittsburgh!?!

            1. re: Rick

              That's the best news (about food) I've heard this week. The guy who replaced her down the block just isn't as good.

              1. re: Rick

                Great day in the morning it's true and I've got a sandwich on my desk to prove it. If a war erupts between these two sandwich vendors it'll be over quick and it won't go well for one of them.

                1. re: JC65

                  I much preferred the new people over Lucy. Lucy's tastes a bit more like a chicken hoagie, the new vendors taste more authentic to me.

          1. Man, I've never heard of Banh Mi before but now I REALLY need to try it.