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May 23, 2009 08:06 AM

Brazilian (non-steakhouse)?

I had some great homemade Brazilian food recently One of the dishes was similar to a Peruvian lomo soltado except they used tomato paste and cooked it longer instead of sauteing it with tomatoes, they had the moist/uncrispy french fries that you put under it as well. They also had a slow cooked (4hrs) pork dish. And the best was the homemade empanadas.

I sometimes go to a Peruvian restaurant in Port Chester called Pollo a la Brasa Misti and am looking for a very similarly casual Brazilian restaurant - inexpensive but authentic Brazilian food. (not meaning a Brazilian steakhouse, which is completely different, I know)

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  1. Mt. Vernon on West Lincoln Avenue has a few places that look like they may fit the bill including one Lincoln BBQ that i have heard does feijoada on Saturday (that being the good sign, the bad sign is it is called "BBQ").

    Nobody says if they are good, which means they may be very bad (only comment I was able to find about the lincoln BBQ was that it is "good if you like salt". I don't.

    There is another interesting place where they have outdoor tables filled with people watching Futbol on the weekends. (This is a good sign in my book). The name begins with a "C" I think.

    I know I should try these places myself being that I live so close. However, I would like to see a menu before I take one for the team. The reason being is that, as you say, most of the Brazilian places are focused on Churrascurio which is absolutely not what I want.

    Frustratingly, not one of the above mentioned seems to have a menu online. I'm sorry, but even a hole in the wall place can have a freakin' web page. It is 2009 after all.

    The one Brazilian place that seems to get consistent praise is Padminas Bakery which supposedly serves a great roast pork sandwich.

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      Strangely enough I was able to track down the name of this place by Googling the address of the wine store up the street and going to "Street View" and literally looking at the sign on this restaurant. (For some reason I am incapable of remembering the name as I always want to say "Chalupa")

      Chalanas RestaurantAddress:‎
      105 W. Lincoln Ave.
      Mount Vernon, NY 10550
      (914) 699-9200

      Anyway, I post this as an example of what is so infuriating about most restaurant Web sites. They are either TOTAL CRAP (like this one) or they have too many flash graphics and stupid music. The one thing you want on here (the menu) is impossible to click on.

      1. re: jcmods

        I've heard a couple of third-party reviews of Solmar in Tarrytown. The main thing to eat here is the "Feijoada", which is a standard dish of Brazil, a black bean/sausage stew. I don't think this is a "steakhouse" at all. Perhaps others have a first-hand report of Solmar.

        1. re: menton1

          I did not care for Solmar at all. The feijoada was very bland, another specialty shrimp dish was cloyingly sweet, and their shellfish were minuscule. They also serve Portuguese food there, which I did not try.

        2. re: jcmods

          Went to check this link to see if it had gotten any better. And in fact, it no longer works at all. How hard is it to plop a menu up on a web site and keep it there?

      2. Cholo's, Peru, New Rochelle
        Sushi Samba, Japan/Brazil, NYC