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May 23, 2009 07:54 AM

Fleetwood News

Passing by the corner of Broad & Gramatan, I noticed a construction permit in the window of what used to be a carpet & tile store. Listed as the incoming business was "take-out restaurant". I asked the owner of the liquor store next door if he had any info and he said it was going to be Japanese hibachi. First reaction is "Why?", but maybe it will distinguish itself from other similar places in the area.

Also heard from the chef at the Kefalonia diner that someone has already bought the Samba Na Brasa site, but he didn't have any specifics. If anyone has the scoop, I'd like to know. On the other hand, if its going to be Italian, Asian fusion or some kind of TGI Fridays imitator. maybe I don't wanna know.

Would have liked to see a multi-vendor market in that space (cheese stand, fresh fish, variety of take-outs) but I guess that's just a pipe dream.

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  1. I live in the area so I'll watch to see who responds. Unfortunately, the pickings around here are slim so I can't say I ever want to Samba Na Brasa or any of the other places in the neighborhood.

    1. We so do not need a japanese hibachi restaurant with 2 chinese takeouts and Spring Asian (japanese/chinese/pan asian) as well as numerous pizza/italian options. I was hoping for a coffee bar/ ice cream kind of place. at least is isn't another bank.

      The rumour I heard for Samba Na Brasa was that a supermarket was coming. Don't know how true it is.

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      1. re: rolise

        That would be interesting, but I'm not sure that the parking situation there favors a supermarket!

        1. re: roxlet

          I have been told that duane reade used to be a supermarket with same parking situation. of course probably why they left when bigger markets opened as competition.

          1. re: rolise

            I just spoke to someone who lives in the area and she said that she thought that it was going to be a supermarket since the A&P in Fleetwood just closed.

            1. re: roxlet

              That would be the sensible thing to do, since any restaurant that takes that space is liable to be lousy. The deck would be a nice place to sit if you didn't have all the cars entering and exiting the Cross County right under your nose. I really hope it is true.

        2. re: rolise

          The Name is Yoshino Sushi Grill. As far as I can tell it is not a mini chain (although there is a restaurant with that name in Oakland CA.). I was hoping to maybe find a menu online.

          It's not open yet, but it appears to be getting close.

        3. Was in Fleetwood today going to have lunch at Spring asian and walked pass the old flooring store. Door was open so I asked one of the workers what it's going to be. He told me a sushi/Asian take out-delivery and some tables for sit down. He said they will be open in 2 weeks. The inside looks nice and new but really really small for a restaurant. Strange that they would open another Asian place in town with Spring Asian and great wall right there. Go figure???? Hey, I live in Yorktown and when a place closes up around here, they just turn it into Italian/Pizza! Cant anyone think outside of the boring box???

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          1. re: xecuchef

            Apparently not. Anyone reading this board would immediately know that what is desperately needed is a falafel place or a vietnamese restaurant. Actually there is a falafel nearby but it wasn't even close to being a good falafel. So that's the other problem. It has to be different AND good.

            1. re: jcmods

              The Fleetwood area could also use a reliable American restaurant -- with salads, healthy entree options, etc. It could provide counter service for coffee, breakfast, pre-made sandwiches and sit-down service for a complete meal that doesn't break the bank. How about one of those?

              1. re: lollypop

                Well that is what a diner is for but the Fleetwood Diner at Gramatan and Grand has really gone downhill. There is a coffee shop which has a decent breakfast and lunch on Grand (and Fleetwd Ave?) if you stick to eggs, pancakes, french toast and sandwiches. They now have southern food but I have not been that impressed by it. Not sure if they do salad. You can get a pretty good spinach and feta omlette. My usual standby.

                1. re: lollypop

                  Actually Green Apples on Williams might fit that bill. Some people think it went downhill but I wouldn't know what it was like more than a year ago. I actually think it is good for what it is. Way better than the diner although I have only eaten breakfast at the diner and dinner at Green Apples.

                  1. re: jcmods

                    Is Athena the diner you are talking about?

                    1. re: lollypop

                      Yes Athena. I know everyone thinks its AWFUL, but I think most diners are mediocre. In that respect I do not think it is SOOOOO bad. I mean, it's a perfectly average diner.

                      1. re: jcmods

                        The food is not terrible if you stick to the basics and get the one good waitress. However it used to be better, better food, better service and cleaner. I don't think the value is there either.

            2. I popped my head in today and they said that they will open for business tomorrow . I picked up a menu, Asian Fusion takeout and delivery with dining seating for about 12 - 16.

              Sushi/Sashimi by the piece ranges from $2.25 to 3.25. Rolls/hand rolls from 4.00 to 7.00. Chef's Special rolls from 9.00 to 15.00. Entrees from10.00 - 20.00.

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              1. re: varsitysg

                Some examples of entrees include:
                Tokyo Crispy chicken/beef
                Spicy Dried Crispy Beef
                Thai Crispy Tilapia
                Vietnamese Cubed Steak
                Wok Glazed Ginger Beef/Chicken
                Pad Thai selections
                Indonesia Sambai Sauce w. Chicken/Jumbo Shrimp
                Honey Glazed Sauce w. Jumbo Shrimp
                Spicy Thai Mango Sauce w Chicken/Shrimp
                Yaki Unon / Soba noodles
                Sukiyaki Chicken/Bef

              2. I live in Fleetwood and have watched this place for about a month. .ordered delivery sushi this week and it was very good! Got two cooked rolls (007 and Sunset roll) and one similar to a rainbow roll.. very fresh, quick service. Will have to check out dinner at their location...