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Good Deals @ Johnnies Foodmaster

SOme good deals this week at Johnnies- rib eye steaks for $3.99 pound, boneless , skinless Chicken breasts for $1.67 poind, bacon for $1.59 pound and lettuce for 79 cents per head! I stocked up on all of these- can't wait to fire up some of the steaks this weekend.

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  1. Last week I stock-piled up on whole chicken breast for .60 cents a pound. The sale prices on Johnnie's meats are unbeatable.


    1. Dang, you really can't beat their meat. I got some london broil there a couple weeks ago for $2 a pound, which was nice, but the rib eye (any good?) for $4 is just great.

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        Have not tried them yet- but they look pretty good. They are, of course, a bit fatty, about 1 inch thick. They also had some really thick ones for 4.99 pound. The ones on sale are sold in family packs ( 4 to a pack), and the thick ones are sold individually.

      2. Was this at the Brookline store? The prices are a little higher at that one I think.

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        1. re: nightsky

          Sorry- should have been more specific- I only checked the on line flyer for Melrose.

        2. I go to the one in Brookline & I love it. It's great for deals on meats. I do most of my regular shopping at Whole Foods & Trader Joe's, but for sales Johnnie's has, I go and stock up. I got skinless/boneless chicken there for $1.88/lb. Split whole chix breasts for 88 cents a pound was another deal I went for.

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            BackBayGirl, there isn't a Johnnie's Foodmaster in Brookline. Johnnie's Foodmaster has stores located in: Arlington, Charlestown, Lynn, Medford, Melrose, Revere, 2 in Somerville, S. Weymouth and in Whitman. Unless they have opened a new store and it's not listed in this weeks sales flyer?

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              I think technically the one in Brookline is called Johnnie's Fresh Market, but it is part of the same company.

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                Yes, it is called Johnnie's Fresh Market, but it is a Foodmaster Co. If you go to their website, you will see a flyer for their Brookline outlet.

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                  Thanks, I learned something new today.

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                    I learned something new today too. I had been to Johnnies Fresh Market before and had no idea it was related to Foodmaster.

            2. I bought the rib eyes - my mistake. However the whole chicken breasts and bacon were great for for the price.

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                Were the ribeyes bad? I've noticed they're on sale at the Brookline store.

                I also love the eastern european fruit juices they sell, esp pomegranate and sour cherry. The labels aren't very appealing (and they could use a dusting), but the product is quite good.

                They don't seem to be baking bread in-store like they did when they first opened, or am i just going by at the wrong time? It used to often smell like fresh baked bread, and the baguettes would still be warm.

              2. Another good deal (to me) are the $3 Cabot butter (sadly, only salted version, but still a good deal) and the $2 Newman's lemonade. Everyday price!

                1. I was at the one in Somerville by Teele a month ago - they had a deal - buy any five packages of meat for $20. I am thinking, ok, what's wrong with it? Got two big pork tenderloins, a pack of boneless pork chops, and two giant packs of boneless chicken breasts. Unbelievable deal.

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                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                    I always stock up on the pork tenderoin when they have those sales. They usually have them four or five times a year. I also like that the Johnnies I go to has actual butchers working there- if I want a particular cut or thickness, they are more than happy to accomodate.

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                      I love this deal the best. I got two pork tenderloins as well, each with a 10+ price tag. I bought chicken breasts, chicken tenders and boneless turkey breasts. My total bill would have been about $40 dollars and it was $20, gotta love that.

                    2. OK, is it just me? Whenever I go to the markets in Somerville (Beacon St and Alewife Brook Parkway) I find the smell in the meat department to be such a turnoff that I can't bring myself to buy meat there. I shop both markets for other stuff, including deli meats, but I can't get past the smell in the meat department. I'm just being too much of a fragile flower aren't I? It sounds like other hounds like the meat selections there just fine and haven't had problems. I need to get over this!

                      (BTW I have the same issue with MacKinnons in Davis Square.)

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                        What are you smelling?
                        I think the Johnny's on Beacon Street, with the carpeting, just has a funny smell, period.
                        And the couple of times I've been in MacKinnon's, I didn't notice anything.

                        1. re: Bob Dobalina

                          Is that Beacon St in Somerville? The Beacon St Brookline one doesn't have carpeting, and doesn't have a meat odor. Maybe that's why it's named Johnnie's Fresh ...

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                            Yup, Somerville.
                            I think the carpet just needs to be changed, you know? Too many years of carpet cleaning chemical build-up.

                            Speaking of bad smells, went to the deli/fish counter at the Shaw's in Porter yesterday and there was the most wretched smell...Not fish, not meat, but whatever it was, not good. I would have left immediately but there were several other people in line, so I thought...maybe it's just me....but it really was awful.

                          2. re: Bob Dobalina

                            It's a pungent organic kind of smell. I don't want to denigrate Johnny's as I really like their stores otherwise, but I get the sense the bins aren't well cleaned and I'm picking up the smell of old meat.

                            Like I said, I need to be less of a fragile flower about this, I think. It's reassuring to hear that you all have had good experiences with buying meat products there. Currently I buy most of my meat at Trader Joe's, which is OK, but I miss having a butcher to work with. I used to buy meat at Market Basket on Somerville Ave quite a bit for that reason, but get there much less now that I've moved out of that neighborhood. Thanks to all for the input here - it does help!

                          3. re: Dea

                            The smell in McKinnon's in Davis makes me wretch. It's a challenge for me to shop there.

                            I can't say I've experienced the same at Market Basket.

                            1. re: Dea

                              Sad. My grandfather was a meatcutter at that Beacon St. location from the 1940s to the '60s (it was a Stop & Shop back then), he'd be turning over in his grave to hear this.