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Iced Tea Pitcher

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Anyone seen this in the GTA? Thanks.


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  1. Greenbeanery has the 1.5 litre Bodum, $25 with the infuser.

    Green Beanery
    565 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

    1. The Green Beanery has quite a few Iced Tea Jugs, including ones by Bodum:


      I researched different ones a few years back and just decided to make iced tea the good old-fashioned way!

      1. David's Tea on Queen West sells it as well.

        1. I love this! Bought mine at The Bay...... Yonge/Bloor.

          1. As a follow up to myself.....I managed to find it at Degrees on Yonge for $18. They only had the smaller one though.

            1. sbug206- Ashton Green is actually in the GTA.

              You can order from them and pick up from their warehouse Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00PM. See their FAQ on their site for details- they're on Ellesmere.

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                Oh really? Is that new? I thought they were a retail store in Ottawa.

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                  Yes, I'm pretty sure that they started in Ottawa, but moved to Toronto a year or so ago. (I first noticed the Toronto address last summer, and made a mental note about the pickup option.)