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May 23, 2009 05:57 AM

Dim sum in Orlando

Looking for a large dimsum parlor with rolling carts in Orlando. Ming Bistro was mentioned in a previous post but don't know address or whether it applies to my request. Please assist with recs and location. Thanks in advance

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  1. Ming Bistro is your best bet for Dim Sum in Orlando. They only have cart service on weekends and public holidays from 10:30am to 3:00pm. Most dim sum items are under $3, so the place is quite affordable. The address is here: Ming Bistro; 1212 Woodward St # 6, Orlando, FL‎ - (407) 898-9672‎
    The other dim sum place I used to go was a taste of Hong Kong on I-drive, but the service was terrible.

    1. The Dim Sum at Ming's is really very good. The atmosphere is about as close as you will get to the real Beijing. Vinh on Colonial Dr. used to serve excellent Dim Sum. but they gave it up. Also that very large Chinese restaurant on Colonial (used to be Thayer's drug store) has closed. They had fairly acceptable Dim Sum..

      1. Ming Court on International Drive has ood Dim Sum but not great, not sure if there are special hours though. Golden Lotus at the corner of John Young parkway and Sand Lake road is said to have very good dim sum as well, however their dim sum chef is on an extended vaction until after July 5th.

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          i agree dim sum at both ming bistro and golden lotus are great. try both. ming bistro serves all day but only has push carts on the weekends and golden lotus serves dim sum 11am-4pm. they both have great authentic chinese menus as well

          for my recent pictures of my visit to mings bistro check out

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            As far as I know, you won't find one of the grand dim sum parlors here as you will in larger cities. We just don't have that. But, Ming's Bistro does have food that's pretty much up to the quality of New York and San Francisco's best places. The selection is smaller, just like the dining room, but what Ming's Bistro has is quite good. 1212 Woodward Street (a block north of 50, just off Mills), Orlando, 407-898-9672.

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              Ming's Bistro also recent got runner up for Best Chinese by the Orlando magazine and Critics choice for Orlando Sentinel's 2009 Foodie awards for best chinese. I think its worth a try, but be aware there might be a line on weekends especially around noon time , the wait is usually 10-20minutes. The waitresses at Ming's Bistro reminds me of my aunties .

        2. I agree the Ming Bistro is the best I've had in Orlando.

          As for Golden Lotus, do they have push carts all the time, or just on the weekends like Ming Bistro.

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            i don't think they have push carts at all at golden lotus just the list system. they serve dim sum up to 4 pm every day though.

            I am actually a fan of the list order system for dim sum because
            1. it ensures that its fresh out of the steamer and not sitting around on the cart for the past half hour
            2. you get exactly what you want rather than going at it roulette style with maybe you ll get this or that.
            just my two cents :D I hate waiting around for the cart to get to me to realize that its not there or its cold blah

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              I would be fine with the menu system, but I don't know the names of half the stuff I order on the carts. So being able to see and recognize them is of most importance to me.

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                I believe they have a special picture menu with pictures and accompanying names :D that should help (at golden lotus). at Ming's bistro there is a huge poster with all their offerings