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May 23, 2009 12:44 AM

Cooker's Slump

Have you ever felt like, you don't want to cook or even think about food? I'm going through that, my kitchen is aggravating me and I just want to go grab a can of spam and a spoon and call it a meal.

So have you ever felt like that? And what did you do to get over it. It's really frustrating.

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  1. Whenever I get that way (which is regularly) I just stop cooking. I spend the next few days not really eating meals, but just snacks. It's usually bad however. (burger king, 7-11 treats, taco bell). Usually after 2 or 3 days I snap out of it and cook something really nice. I think I enjoy the creation aspect of cooking more than the eating.

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      I just want to go grab a can of spam and a spoon and call it a meal.

      I don't think I have ever been *that* desperate.

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        i've never bought spam, so have no idea that's it's edible with a spoon. really? or is that that kind of secret eating while slumped over the sink and home alone kinda thing? lol.

        i rarely feel like cooking just for me, and dinner time i'm alone a few nights a week. i usually will have made a batch of something i can reheat or will just have grilled cheese or salad. or skip the meal and have wine and olives and nuts. or go out.

        maybe the op is just bored from making the same dishes and needs a new challenge. if you enjoy cooking and eating, the jones will return, don't worry!

      2. When I'm too irritated or tired to make a whole dinner, I will often make pancakes for me and my DH. If I am really too tired we go out.

        1. I wouldn't worry about it. When I don't feel like cooking I eat alot of cereal or peanut butter toast or eggs. Eventually the desire to cook returns and all is well. I had cheerios and bananas for supper tonight because no one else was going to be here. Fig bars for my dessert.

          That said, to get in the mood I'd look at cookbooks, cooking shows, or go out and eat something really delicious. Something really nice that gets you thinking of good foods again. A trip to the farmers market might get you back in the saddle, too.

          In the meantime, enjoy your Spam. :)

          1. I agree with Fern; sometimes, you just don't feel like doing the cooking (again). I have a freezer full of food in the freezer from meals that I'd made just too much of, or we have cereal or sandwiches, or we go out. (Sometimes it's really nice to have someone else do the cooking AND the cleanup).
            Like she also said, go to the farmer's market, check out the food channel, or go through the local bookstore's cookbook section. My favorite: go to a restaurant supply store and poke around!

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            1. re: Michelly

              oh another like me!
              The restaurant/kitchen supply store is my death! I walk in and feel like trying all the utensils/plates/gadgets... "hmm, but i don't have a pie plate of this particular size... i must need it!"
              Inspirational, yes. Costly... even more so!

              1. re: alixium

                totally off topic, but put me in a cake supply store..."hmmm, but I don't have that particular shade of yellow petal dust... or that size leaf veiner" VERY costly indeed.

                "what do you do when you don't feel like cooking?"
                uh... ask my boyfriend to make me something, usually works!

                the problem is what do I do when I can't decide what to eat?
                usually, at junk for a few days until I'm cranky and sickly, then eat soup for a day. not healthy!