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May 22, 2009 10:50 PM

Flying Fish in Toronto

Cheating here. Where can you find it, and what can you do with it apart from frying? I've had it many times in Barbados fried, and yes it's sublime, but has anyone tried smoking, searing, etc? I've thought about reducing a Callaloo from soup to sauce plus veg on the side.

Also, has anyone seen Sand Dabs locally?

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  1. you can only get frozen flying fish in toronto. it can be found in the freezers of one of the fishmongers at st. lawrence market. i've only had flying fish pan fried and steamed.

    1. I have only seen it in restaurants, as sashimi and sushi. Dried ones are used for soup stock.

      1. I had it several times in Barbados.broiled. It seemed like just another generic white-meat fish, nothing special.

        1. Folks, please post any recipes or cooking techniques over on the Home Cooking board. You can post a link here if you do. Thanks!

          1. I've actually seen it unfrozen at one of the fishmongers in Kensington Market. Give them a try. I believe there are two of them. Personally, I just soak first in lime water, rinse it, then season it with bottled green seasoning (available at many west indian stores) and bread them and pan fry them. I like it with fry plantain and brown sugar.

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              Is it the shop with the sushi grade fish?

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                Couldn't tell you. I know it was/is on the north side near Tom's Place.