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May 22, 2009 06:36 PM

Nashville...finally finding some good places

So I have lived here for a little over 2 years and have been hugely disappointed by most of the dining options..I long for a good deli, a great sub..Jersey Mike's and Lenny's just don't cut it...Meat and 3s scare me. Just once I want fresh pizza..and I just want a slice...where are the italian deli's that have homemade mozzarella that is still warm....oh there is nothing like the food of Jersey...but I today was a good day..after much protesting I caved in and visited the Pancake pantry...I had protested and claimed I don't wait on line for eggs (not really a pancake person)...and I was pleasantly surprised. We must have lucked out because the wait was not that long..service was spotty...but everything came out at the same time and was hot and yummy..omelette was not the best I have ever had but the hashbrowns and perfectly cooked bacon stole the show. After a few bites of the pancakes I had to admit they were good...all in all meal I enjoyed..and I love food...
Later that day after reading an article about the 25 best pizza's in the US, we were on a quest, which ended at Joey's House of Pizza in Brentwood...score!! Great pizza BY THE much better than Maffiazo's, although different scene, lots of kids, but classic pizzeria style pizza. The plain cheese was great, had to hold the slice up to let the oil drip off...that is pizza.

Also, have to mention Lazzaroli's pasta in Germantown, great little italian market..DELICIOUS homemade pasta and lovely husband and wife proprieters...the sausage and asiago ravioli's are to die for....possibly my favorite shop in Nashville...

Lazzaroli Pasta
1314 5th Ave N Ste 100, Nashville, TN 37208

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  1. I'm a frequent Nashville visitor, and have had plenty of good meals here. ILJ, have you tried Martin's BBQ in Nolensville? Fantastic Q. Also, I just sampled the ribs at the new place at the Station Inn--think it's called Jimmy Carl's. Great ribs. You have to go to Prince's Hot Chicken on Ewing. It's awesome.
    Can't wait to try the pizza at Joey's House.

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    1. re: Yongeman

      If you want a good deli, Mitchell Deli in East Nashville is awesome. Disputes over the toppings on the Pastrami sandwich aside, this place makes a damn good sandwich. You can also buy bulk deli meats & Benton's bacon here if you'd rather make your own subs at home. Also, right across the street is Bailey & Cato, I think they have the best fried chicken in Nash..... You can take it to go if you are creeped out by Meat & 3's.

      Lazzaroli is delicious! Another great Germantown option is City House - good Italian (new school, not old school.) And I really like The Dog of Nashville, over near Pancake Pantry. Joey's pizza sounds awesome.

      1. re: tripleshot

        I don't mean to be argumentative, but after reading about Mitchells here and local blogs I made the trip for a mufeletta. The sandwich they served had ingredients in common with Central Grocery's muffeletta but it didn't punch my mufeletta button. Same with the deli sandwich's my dining mates had. The ingredients were there but they wereI sandwich shop scale. Good sandwiches for sure, but not generous like a good deli sandwich. Rant over.

      2. re: Yongeman

        Got to Martin's last night and OMG, delicious, well worth the trip...we talked to the owner and told him he would benefit frpm someone selling beers in the front while you waited on the line..they told us they are moving across the street and will have a bar with 8 beers on tap....hope they don't lose whatever magic they have going for them there, we will be back!

        1. re: I love Jersey

          Your beer-in-the-front idea for Martin's is genius. I have to say I am sad to hear they're moving, even if it is just across the street. Of course I'm glad they are doing the heavy volume of business their food merits, but it will be tragic if any of their magic is lost. I hope they keep the Christmas lights out front and the Kenny Rogers records on the walls--the atmosphere makes the food taste that much better!

        2. re: Yongeman

          If you've made it to Joey's already, then you are likely well-acquainted with the eggplant parmesan and Joey's Special pizza (featuring artichokes and strips of eggplant parmesan and chicken parmesan, among other yummy things); however, if you haven't made it over there yet, I highly recommend these items.

          1. re: Morgan Crumm

            Thanks for the details about Joey's, MC. Sounds great. I haven't been yet (hopefully on my next visit), but look forward to it.

        3. Jersey, as a native Philadelphian (who deeply regrets ever leaving the Mid-Atlantic) the best luck I have had down here when my Philly heart craves a sandwich is, strangely enough, to go to Publix. What I do is I have them use their hoagie roll (sadly, after a lifetime of going to different ethnic bakeries depending on what kind of bread I wanted, I find that Publix has the only good bread down here...there is fancier bread available, but for simple good bread, Publix is about it). I spring for them to use the Boar's Head meats, and I do the custom sandwich. Then I have them give me the Genoa salami, the hot sopresata, cappicola, and the sharpest provolone they have. Add tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, oil & vinegar and you have a sandwich that makes me very happy indeed.

          As I have yet to find a good loaf of rye bread in Tennessee, I just think longingly of home whenever I want a corned beef special. Noshville is terrible for food, but their cheesecake and their danishes both rival anything you will find back home.

          Sarah M.

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          1. re: StrandedYankee

            Amen on Publix bread. There hoagie rolls are to die for.

            1. re: Cameraman

              you guys are great! I have to disagree about publix and there bread, we've tried subs from there and I don't like the bread. I guess I am a total snob when it comes to that, having had the best bread in the world..hoboken must be the water..when I need bread I head to panera for their baguette that is the best I have found and have confirmed with a neighbor who is French...Panera hands down...
              I agree Noshville is awful and overpriced...
              And I agree that there is great BBQ to be found but how much of that can one really eat? City House is a planned destination, we really liked Germantown Cafe too. Thanks for the feedback! Luckily my summer is packed with about 6 different trips to NY/NJ and Connecticut so I will be eating well!

              1. re: I love Jersey

                There's no place in Nashville like Lisa's in Hoboken, for sure. But if you can get to Hillsboro Village, you can get fantastic Italian bread at Savarino's. They don't have a round loaf, but they have sandwich rolls, long loaves, and Tuscan bread. They have pretty good sandwiches, too, but a limited selection. And no fresh mozzarella. I don't know of a single place in town that makes their own mozzarella, and if anyone knows of one I'd like to hear about it.

                1. re: nm1

                  thanks, I will definitely check out Savarino's...did you ever go to Dom's in Hoboken, it was over by Adams and 4th I think, a total whole in the wall but when I would go I would have to buy 2 because it was always warm and it wouldn't last the car ride...

                2. re: I love Jersey

                  Really? I hate Panera breads...They seem to take all of their bread varieties and come up with Disneyland versions of them. I mean, their challa isn't just yellow inside, it's actually ORANGE! It's not just a faintly sweet bread, it's so sweet it's almost like cake. All of their bread varieties that I have tried have been similar...they almost seem like exaggerations.

                  The Publix breads I like are their very plainest breads. They make a nice french bread loaf, and a good sandwich roll. I also like their bakery hamburger buns. If I want something fancier, there is always Provence. The sad truth is though that as a Philly girl, I rarely want anything fancy. God, what I wouldn't do for a couple of real Philly pretzels! No stupid sauces, just give me some Gulden's brown mustard.

                  I agree with you on the BBQ thing. How much of it can you eat? I LOVE the pulled pork at Martins, and the ribs at Jack's (I prefer the Trinity Lane location), but there is a limit. Now, I wish like heck that Arnolds Country Kitchen and The Pie Wagon served dinner, or at least were open weekends, but they would probably have the same problem that Swett's has at night (since they get less busy, the food sits and loses quality).

                  Sarah M.

            2. re: Joey's House of Pizza in Brentwood

              I don't trust a pizzeria that ain't open on a Saturday

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              1. re: Phillip J

                I am not crazy about their pizza. It isn't bad, but it doesn't make me stop longing for Philly. The ingredients they use seem pretty top notch, but I don't love their crust. Still, they aren't bad.

                Sarah M.

                1. re: StrandedYankee

                  I tried Joey's tonight as I was near Brentwood and I love pizza. The sauce was great. The crust was good -- thin, foldable, good tug, but too bland. Now this may sound strange but the cheese had a dry mouth feel. I'd love someone to explain that to me. Despite my criticism I'd say it was a very good pie but not a great one. Oh, the young woman behind the counter was as sweet as could be. One other thing, the room was about 10 degrees too cold.

                  1. re: Cameraman

                    When I was there, my boyfriend and I ordered a pie. I noticed that the girl behind the counter blotted the grease off of the cheese after the pizza came out of the oven. Maybe yours was over-blotted?

                    I actually liked the pizza I got there better later on. The crust was actually better reheated and/or cold than it was fresh. Go figure.

                    Sarah M.

                    1. re: StrandedYankee

                      The thing about Joey's crust is that it does better after a rest period. Fresh out of the oven their crust will actually crack where you try to fold it. If you let it rest,. like fresh baked bread, it will regain its flexability.

                      Never discount your own skills - When you cannot find what you want, learn how to do it yourself. I make my own dough from the recipes and formulae from here:

                      Oh, and by the way, Stephanie (girl behind the counter) is a thin and beautiful person. She no doubt does that trying to keep you skinny too(?) Next time I'm there I will ask though. Go at 3 in the afternoon and you can sit and eat with them - they don't bite.

                2. re: Phillip J

                  really, i had no clue it wasn't open on saturday,,,i'm glad i know now!

                  1. re: I love Jersey

                    For pizza you have to try Sal’s on Stewart Ferry in the Donelson area. Sal is a transplant from Brooklyn, best pizza in Nashville in my opinion. There is also Rae’s Sandwich Shopped downtown on Union…haven’t been personally, but have heard nothing but great things.

                    Arnold’s would be my recommendation for meat & three. They did win the James Beard award…after all.

                  2. re: Phillip J

                    The reason Joey's is closed on Saturday? Try cruising the area around Ward Circle on a Saturday - Let me know if you see one car besides yours. It is in the dead center of an office park. No chance of making any money. As a backup, goto his brothers place, Mannys House of Pizza in the downtown Nashville Arcade. He is open Saturday till 4pm.

                    Another alternative is Picnic Pizza: Although you will have to call ahead as their website offers no hint of hours(?)

                  3. The original comment has been removed