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May 22, 2009 06:12 PM

Farm Boy (Sushi Report) Sherman Oaks:

Where to start, yes Farm Boy is a place for fruits & vegi's

Then we all learned about the tasty yogurt.

Next I started reading comments on their sushi, sushi? Yes, thats right, sushi :>)

Now I've dined at some of the top sushi bars around to begin this review.

I just got done eating what I picked up and it was some of the best to go sushi I've ever had.

For $5.99 I had a spicy tuna cut roll
$6.99 unagi (eel) around 6-8 pieces
assorted sushi which included white sushi $6.99

yes I have some left over to snack on later this evening.

Such flavorful and fresh fish, no wonder so many were grabbing these packages.

Do try this and report back.

Good stuff,

Stuart :>)

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  1. Stuart - welcome back, have not seen posting from you lately.
    Secondly, yes, it is surprising that the sushi could be this good and affordable, yet housed in a store primarily selling fruit/vegetables and some flowers.
    Also try some of their cooked food, which you can get in plastic containers in the shelves just above where they keep the berries, near the checkout stand.

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    1. re: carter

      Thank you Carter, yes last visit I bought some of the korean beef, quite tasty.

      Be well,


    2. I've been coming for a couple of years now. Sushi is great all tho sometimes - too much spicy in the tuna rolls. But, still yummy and the price can't be beat. Owners are Korean and they also make a yummy miso and a cooked vegetable/noodle dish you can get at the counter. Actually it's all great inside there. Check out the fresh flowers you walk past to rush for the sushi!!! :)

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        the sweet potato noodles dish they make there is awesome! I LOVE their brown rice mixture. I roll some up w/the seaweed and put some of the FARM BOY DRESSING(the sesame one). its divine! btw, that dressing is addicting!

      2. I've visited the location in Chino Hills a few times and as a tip, all the sushi is 50% off 30 minutes before closing which makes it an even sweeter deal!

        Not sure if this applies to all locations, but it's worth a shot!