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Dinner rec's near Landmark E Street Cinema (11th and E Street, NW)

We would greatly appreciate dinner recommendations for a good, ethnic restaurant near 11th and E Street, NW.

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  1. Central is a French bistro at Penn and about 10th.

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      central is a great but i would hardly call it ethnic :) what about Zengo? never been but heard good things

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        Yeah, I was just hot doggin' the OP.

      2. Oyamel? Or Ten Penh?

        1. Bistro D'Oc is close by.

          1. Not a whole lot of ethnic eats in that area unless you count TenPehn as ethnic.

            I go to the E Street Cinema all the time though my favorite places to eat afterwards is the charming Bistro D'Oc or the trendy Central. Both are great!

            1. I imagine you don't mean trendy/fusion/hip "ethnic" places as many have suggested. If you want more "hole in the wall," Chinatown is close by. The Chinese restaurants are not as good as you find in SF or NY, but quite a few will fit the bill. Try doing a search on here for some well-liked Chinese restaurants in the area.

              1. What's your budget looking like? And how far are you willing to walk?

                Tosca, D'Acqua, and Fogo De Chao are a stones throw from that area, but they aren't exactly cheap. (they're inexactly expensive in my book)

                Cafe Atlantico, Rosa Mexicano, Jaleo, and Oyamel are also in that area as well.

                Asia 9 and Ten Penh, if you're feeling like Pan Asian.

                1. there is a Teaism in Penn Quarter and it's pretty decent. Inexpensive, not "trendy".

                  1. Agree with others that you need to define budget and what precisely you mean by "ethnic." But just in terms of proximity, Asia 9 and Cafe Atlantico are both very close.