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May 22, 2009 05:31 PM

Any parks good for grilling in Paris?

The last couple of weekends I have been bbq'ng along the canal saint martin without any problems. Im wondering if there are any parks that are good for bbqing in Paris as I want to branch out from the Canal.


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  1. Bois de Vincennes has a great picnic area north of the floral gardens and, given the right day, you'll get to hear a concert, too. And, look here for more ideas...

    1. I wouldn't try bbqing in a Paris park. I'm pretty sure it's forbidden. The canal is diiferent, since I can't imagine what you could set on fire there.

      1. Can't for certain dispute souphie on the "forbidden," except to say that I know for a fact that camping and campers are allowed in Bois du Boulonge and I THINK I recall see picnic tables and grills in the eating area North of the Floral garden and the children's play area in Bois du Vincennes and also in the area south of the floral park in Bois du Boulonge...can't bring up the recollection of walking by there and we took no pictures. I have seen homeless folks camping in both parks and imagine that they must have fires. The sites google brought up don't address picnic tables or grills. Can't add any more to the subject.

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          The bois are very different from the parks in town. It remains true that bbqing is a very unparisian thing -- I'm not saying it's a big issue, just that' it's very original.

          And thanks for the tip about Vincennes, by the way.

        2. I know it's only tangentially related, but your question reminded me of this post from a funny (now defunct) blog:

          And yes, in the end, the best answer is to have a friend in banlieu.

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            There are also comments in there that fires of all sorts are simply forbidden inside Paris intra-muros (which, strangely, exclused the bois), be it bbq or even fireplace in your nice mansion in le Marais.

            Thanks for that great blog!

            1. re: souphie

              Are the bois actually outside Paris? Seems to me that Bois du Boulonge is and Vincennes could be, too. I recall our waiter at Petite Bolfinger said that they were just outside (like just across the street) from Paris. Anyway, neither web page told me anything about grills or if the parks are inside or outside the city.

              1. re: hychka

                Yes, both are just outside the city of Paris i.e. outside the 20 Arrondismments. They are both within greater Paris. "Just across the street" is true although the street is the "Peripherique" the three lane highway that circles Paris, but there are lots of bridges and access points. They are both big parks, akin to Central Park in NYC. The Bois de Boulogne is home to Longchamp, and Roland Garros is next door, it also has a few good restaurants - one in the middle of a lake accessed only by boat.

                1. re: hychka

                  They are technically inside Paris in the sense that the Bois de Boulogne is part of the 16th arrondissement and the bois de Vincennes part of the 12thand the relevant municipal authorityis the Mairie de Paris. But as PhilD says, there are outside the périphérique and outside of the city as such, which is why we use the phrase "Paris intra-muros", inside the walls.

            2. Thanks for the help everyone. Just to update I had an epic bbq along the seine by Ile Saint Louise last Sunday. The menu included; a whole monkfish tail, sausages, onglet de bouef, agneau pre sale (I was lucky to have been given this by my chef at work).
              Im quite sure it was forbidden but we practiced excellent fire safety and there wasn't much there to set on fire.