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May 22, 2009 05:26 PM

Cafe Josie

I ate here once a few years ago and was very impressed with the food, service and atmosphere, but never see it discussed. Kind of want to market for them b/c as I remember they are so good.

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  1. They are very good. I'm in the hood and drop in occasionally.

    On the pro side: they are very consistent and the wine list changes frequently enough and offers enough good values (including one of the best gruener veltliners I've had in Austin) to warrant a second look.

    On the other hand: the menu has been in stasis for quite some time. There are daily fish and soup specials, but some of the flavors are reminiscent of the last century.

    Overall, I like the restaurant. It has a great atmosphere, the staff rollover is low enough to where one might know a few people working there, and the chef (Charles Mayes) is a super-nice guy.

    I fully support your endeavor, but might be more emphatic about it if the menu were updated more frequently.

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      Interestingly, as long as the place has been there, we never think of it when going out to eat. We have discussed it, saying that we need to go to Cafe Josie one day, but for some reason never do. I went there once years and years ago with my son and was so turned off by the smart assed attitude of our waitress, that I mentally just put it on the back burner. We will definitely go there soon. It's close enough, ample parking, and has always had a sort of good reputation. In all likelihood the waitress is no longer there.

    2. I've never been there, but a few years ago, Rachel Ray spotlighted it on her "$40 a Day" show. I'm not saying that means anything, but they would certainly have gotten some business from being featured on Food Network. Honestly, it didn't look exciting to me, which is why I haven't made it there yet.

      1. The times we have been there were very enjoyable. Unfortunately it has been more than 6 years. They must be doing something good to still be in business. Will make a point to go again in the near future.