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May 22, 2009 05:05 PM

Thai Kitchen - Guadalupe

My GF and I ate there last night. She was craving some kind of Thai noodles, etc. She is relatively new to the area. We live central and didn't feel like driving too far, or going downtown. We have been to several Thai restaurants in the University area, and she had not been to Thai Kitchen.

We ordered the basic Pad Thai, and a beefy stew of potatoes and meat. For apps we had tofu spring rolls.

We have both worked in the service industry, and are familiar with the way restaurants work. We are easy going and don't expect too much from any place. We have both been servers at various establishments here in Austin, and outside of Texas. We understand being a server anywhere is a thankless occupation... but when a restaurant is not busy, please follow up - even if you are an Asian "family run" establishment.

Ultimately, the food was awful. Disgustingly sweet. Stupid sweet. I never send anything back, but I came close last night. I understand the restaurant is lowest-common denominator when it comes to "Thai" food, but this was unreasonable. This was the equivalent of lemon chicken or sweet and sour pork at an Americanized Chinese place in the suburbs...

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  1. Actually Thai Kitchen is really good, especially the Chicken Phad Thai. It sounds like you wrote a scathing review because you were more concerned that they pay you the attention you deserve right. As you noted, it is an Asian family fun restaurant, so you knew what you were getting into and shouldn't complain when you're not at ChineseAmerica restaurant or something. Thai Kitchen is awesome and people should appreciate the variety we have here rather than just rant biased information

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      Sounds like the OP was just voicing his opinion about a place based on a recent experience. No need to get defensive about it just because you don't agree.

      I personally think that Thai Kitchen ranks pretty low on the list of places in town, but I haven't been there in a while either.

    2. i am spoiled when it comes to Thai and a very tough critic. however, i don't expect to be wowed by Thai here in Austin (if i can be wrong about that, i'd be thrilled).

      the Thai Kitchen on Quadalupe was the absolute worst excuse for "Thai Food" i've even had. i think it's fair to say that i've eaten at at least 300 Thai restaurants across the country over the years, and it was the pits.

      and it seems expensive, although that may have been because it hurts to pay money for food you can't eat. and we were really craving Thai, so we ordered too much of it, hoping for decent leftovers.

      Madam Mam's (new location on Anderson / Village) was lower-mediocre.

      likely the best Thai i've had in Austin so far is the restaurant called Pad Thai at Parmer and I-35. which is hit or miss...

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        Try Titaya's lunch menu - I'm not a Thai food expert, but it's definitely the best Thai I've had in Austin, and many other people seem to agree. I say try the lunch menu because of the comment you made about Thai Kitchen being pricey, and hating to spend money on food you don't like. Titaya's has 24 different dishes on their lunch menu, ALL of which run only $6.50 and the portions are large enough to split with someone - the staff where I work split dishes from there all the time and are satisfied. That way, if you end up with something you don't like (unlikely) then it won't hurt too much. I get take-out most of the time, but I've eaten in there several times and I can positively say that they have the best service I've ever experienced at a small Asian restaurant. The people there are so nice and they act as if just getting your business is the best part of their day. I've eaten there at least 20 times now - and I've never experienced the slightest short tone, nor have I ever gone more than 5-10 minutes without my table being attended to or checked on.

      2. Thai Kitchen is for down and dirty thai food. Lunch. Service is always mixed. Food just food. Try #35. "Hot Hot basil with chicken"