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May 22, 2009 05:02 PM

Foodie destination - Lincroft?

Having grown up in Lincroft some forty odd years ago, it was really strange to find myself heading there tonight with my family to dine. And as we pulled into the small parking lot of the big old building that I remembered from so many failed businesses and restaurants over the years the feeling grew. But the inside was calm and nice and the greeting pleasant and the reviews good, so I relaxed and checked out the menu.

On the sign outside, Manow Asain Bistro is described as Thai/Chinese fusion, but the menu reads thai. Since Thai is my favorite cuisine I was good with that.

We started by sharing a bowl of Tom Kha Gai, or thai sour chicken soup mellowed with coconut milk, an order of Roti Canai, or yellow curry with chicken and potato served with thai fry bread, an order of thai green salad with peanut dressing, and an order of thai buffalo wings. To say that there was not a loser in the bunch would be putting it much too mildly. The soup and salad were as good as any outside Queens, Vegas, or Thailand, but the Roti and the wings were more special. The curry sauce on the Roti was just wonderful with a perfect balance of hotness and sweetness. The wings were plainly fried with a faint taste of a marinade, but the dipping sauce was a thinned out mixture of sriracha (sp?) sauce and honey that struck the same perfect balance.

For mains we shared some Manow beef fried rice, shrimp pad thai and an order of Pla Rad Prik, or whole fish in sweet and spicy chili sauce. Again it was all good, with the kids devouring the rice and noodles almost before I got to try them. But what little I had was fresh and flavorful, even though these are not my favorite thai dishes. I do love the fish dish though and unfortunately so did the rest of my family. The fish was fried crispy but not greasy and the sauce was sooo good. I was expecting the usual tamarind flavor, but I'm almost sure they used a different fruit for sweetness. No matter, we all loved every bite.

After paying the check we walked a few feet to the next building and had to check out Ralph's Ices. This chain is like Rita's on steroids and there are many. many choices. From smoothies to ices to custards to all the combinations you can imagine, they made it very hard to decide. Check out their website at:

On the way home we detoured through my old neighborhood and I reminisced about when there was only Attillio's, Joyce's Subs, and Dairy Queen. Times sure have changed.

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  1. seal,

    Glad to hear you've joined the Manow fan club. equal_Mark first posted about it last November: . Our first experience there soon after was excellent, we've been there several times (lunch and dinner), and it's become our "go to" spot for Thai food in this general area.

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      Seal - A fantastic review. I'm hungry again even though I just ate dinner. That's highest compliment as far as I'm concerned. Manow is on my try list for this weekend.

    2. I finally got there today for lunch. I had Nua Nam Mun Hoy - beef w/ asparagus, mushrooms, red peppers, oyster sauce. Excellent, though next time I'll get one of the hot dishes. Companion had Pad Thai, and enjoyed it. We split an order of Dim Sum. Dumplings excellent, sauce even better. I rate it an A+.

      1. Thanks for the report, Seal. I had somehow zoned out on EqMark's earlier mention and this gives me a nudge. The roti canai gives me some hope.

        1. I've been twice to Manow.
          The first meal was last year -- ordered the lunch specials. Can't remember specifically what we had. It was good, but not memorable.
          The second meal was in February. Took my friend to dinner for her birthday. We dined late on a weekday evening. The service was extremely gracious and the food was stellar. It was possibly one of my top NJ restaurant meals of the year. We had soup, appetizers, and a whole red snapper. Beautiful delicious flavors.

          Manow Asian Bistro
          623 Newman Springs Rd, Lincroft, NJ

          1. Add me and wife to the Manow fan club. After a hard day of yard work, we were looking for some good food.
            Had the Peking duck salad and Thai dim sum for starters, Yellow Curry (Kareng Karee) and Emerald Scallop for mains.
            All were very good with the Peking duck and Yellow curry being the standouts.
            Service was efficient and very pleasant

            Excellent place to go and get your Thai fix.
            Also for anyone thinking of going tomorrow (Memorial Day), don't as they are closed as per the sign on the entrance.