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Oregon Coast 1st Anniversary Restaurant Reccomendations

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Hello! My husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary (and baby on the way) next weekend and are staying in Pacific City, OR. I'd like us to have a really good, special meal. I'd prefer a nicer restaurant so I can dress up a little but the first priority is that the food has to be fabulous! We don;t mind driving about an hour either way.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Although it's a bit of a drive from PC...I did a lot of research before we went to Lincoln City this week for a one night getaway/celebration. I believe you'll find a lot of "don't expect much on the coast" type comments and/or mixed reviews. We had a fabulous meal at Blackfish Cafe. I had the Skillet Roasted salmon (Alaskan) and DH had the Pork Loin Chop. It's true that he didn't care for the Cider Anise Jus, but that was easy enough to avoid. Service was excellent. You can dress up a little although it's not required. Someday we plan to try The Bay House, but recent reviews have been mixed, and the prices are considerably higher than Blackfish. Be sure to call for hours of operation, as they aren't posted and may depend on traffic. We were fortunate to be the last ones served, as they closed at 8:00.
    Blackfish Cafe
    2733 NW Highway 101
    Lincoln City, OR 97367
    (541) 996-1007

    1. I think one of the best spots on the coast is in Pacific City, The Delicate Palate Bistro. The wine list will blow you away and the wine and food parings are always right on. I have been to Blackfish and the food was good, service not so much. The Bistro always has seafood, at least one steak option and duck or lamb, menu changes seasonally. I eat there every Wednesday in the bar, the burger or just nibble on the ap menu, it's tough to beat.

      1. I second the last two hounds on Delicate Palate Bistro (for dressing up, that's probably your best bet in PC) and Blackfish (I eat there a lot, and have never had a bad meal). On our last anniversary, my husband and I went to Wildflower Grill, which is on the north edge of Lincoln City. The food was very tasty and we watched a little beaver family working in the slough outside. If you'd like to go another 20 minutes south, to Gleneden Beach, try the Side Door Cafe. I had one of the best meals of my life there, the osso buco with creme fraiche. I was licking up every last drop. Congratulations!

        1. The Bay House in Lincoln City. I've only been once and it was a great meal, but my it is my in-laws go to anniversary place. It is a bit of a drive down the coast.

          1. Thanks for all the great advices, we are going to try delicate palate. I'll try and post a review and tell you guys what I think of the place.

            1. Well, we ate at the Delicate Palate and had a great meal! Our main waiter seemed a bit off-putting at first, but we were able to overlook that as the co-waiter/sommelier was great, as was the food.

              We started with the crabcakes which were very good and had a nice tomato and corn salad accompaniment and a good dipping sauce. We also split the special salad of the evening; an arugula, watermelon, red onion and mint salad with a light vinaigrette and goat cheese and prosciutto crostini, this was amazing! And the split it to two plates for us, which even as half an order was plenty.

              I had the seared duck breast with a cheryr sauce and asparagus/ mushroom risotto, yum! All of my favorites on one plate. My husband had the braised lamb shank with very creamy polenta and mushrooms, which he devoured. We had to try the "very adult" mac and cheese too. The flavor was very good and I liked the crunchy topping but I found it a bit liquid-y, although that didn't stop us from eating it.

              For dessert we shared the seasonal fruit crisp- starwberry rhubarb with vanilla ice cream. It was wonderful, warm and sweet, but not too sweet and was served with a candle to celebrate our anniversary.

              As for beverages, I was stuck with non-alcoholic but did thoroughly enjoy my made ot order limeade, it was very refreshing. My husband was relegated to wines by the glass since I wasn't sharing with him and the sommelier reccomended a great one ot go with his lamb, he was also nice enough to bring out a taster of a gevurtraminer (i think) to go with the salad. My husband enjoyed both.

              Overall we had a great meal, prices were reasonable and food was delicious! We capped off our evening by sitting on the beach watching the waves and bundled up in blankets. We'll definatley be back! Thanks for all of the suggestions.