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May 22, 2009 03:03 PM

Dallas-Recommendations Please

I'm heading to Dallas from New Orleans Thurs through Sunday of next week and am staying at the Warwick Melrose hotel. Its going to be a fairly laid back, casual trip so I'm not necessarily looking for fine dining. I'm not that familiar with the area, but I will have a car. My trip would not be complete (at least in my mind) unless I get to try some really good Tex-Mex food. Can anyone make any recommendations for me? Steakhouse recommendations are also welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Try to drop by Eatsy's on Oaklawn, 2 blocks from your hotel, a fresh food market with tables outside, breakfast or lunch, it's worth a try ; I'm new to that area but I noticed a Cyclone Anaya one block from the Warwick, I think it's been recommended on this forum. We tried the Silver Fox steakhouse but found it very average and are still looking for a great steakhouse in that general vicinity.
    Parigi cafe is on Oaklawn and we've been there a few times and loved it.
    Daniella for italian is good also. These are all within walking distance from Warwick
    but a short drive would bring you to an area that's fun to stroll and very vibrant,
    where the new Lazare restaurant is.

    1. Best Tex-Mex in Dallas: Avila's on Maple Avenue. It's the real thing.

      1. I'd recommend going to a "hole in the wall" Tex-Mex restaurant, and then going to either a casual or a more upscale restaurant, just to test the variety. For the hole in the wall, I would personally suggest taking a trip to either East Grand Avenue and I-30 (assuming you have a rental car, of course) favorite place in that area is called El Taquito Cafe; or taking a trip to the Jefferson Avenue area of Oak Cliff and just pick a place. It's very unlikely you'll be disappointed.

        For the more casual Tex-Mex restaurants, you can choose Mattito's in Uptown, Matt's Rancho Martinez in Lakewood, Sol's Taco Lounge in Deep Ellum, Mariano's on Skillman & Abrams (home of the first frozen margarita, and very easily the best steak fajitas you will ever eat) or Chuy's on McKinney Avenue. Each have a slightly different focus and each are quite good, in my opinion. Don't forget the margaritas (except for at Chuy's, they're forgettable). They're a must.

        I can't really recommend any upscale Tex-Mex restaurants. I suppose La Calle Doce in Lakewood would be a good choice...more seafood oriented Tex-Mex, though.

        I think you can look all of these up on the interwebs to find exact locations. Hope you enjoy yourself.

        1. Personally, I don't think Eatzi's or most of the places on Oaklawn are all that great. The only place I really like is La Duni for breakfast/brunch or their champagne chicken. It's a little pricey (most of the places I'll recommend are inexpensive), but really good. You are pretty close to Mia's on Lemmon. They are one of Dallas' Tex-Mex institutions and are known for their brisket tacos. I've never had anything else, but my friends love the sour cream chicken enchiladas. My favorite pizza place, Grimaldi's is also close to you. Sonny Bryan's BBQ, another Dallas institution, is on Inwood, but only open days and closed Sundays. How far out are you willing to drive? What cuisines are you open to?

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            ooh wait a sec... Eatzi's has its place. Overpriced on entrees? Sure. Locals there get them half price later at night I understand and god bless them... but glory hallelujah its a damned good sammich. Damned good. And cheap for what you get. the bakery is fresh and predictable. Great in a pinch when you do not wish to bake and make ganache. I thin k Eatzi's has its place for us Chows.

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              The cornbread is still good, but I'm totally unimpressed with everything else. I hate the new format. The salads used to be much better before they used became a typical salad bar. The desserts are downright awful. I've paid $30 for burnt cakes. I put them in front of my dessert loving dog and he wouldn't take a second bite out of the carrot cake. The case entrees are passable, but for the price expensive. The wines are highway robbery. Lucky Layla is I believe a dollar more than CM. Sushi is expensive and just bad. Most soups are tasteless. The ones that are tasty have the fat content equal to a 5 lb. wheel of triple cream brie. The breads are the only thing I'll stop for. How hard is it to make a sandwich? I'm not going to give Eatzi's a good rec based on what they can do with a sandwich. It would be a disservice to the Dallas food scene to say that this "gourmet" place sucks at pretty much everything they do, but we'll recommend them because they do a good sandwich. I think Eatzi's serves a purpose for people who live in the area,. But if I had an option, there are lots of places I'd rather eat. To me, Eatzi's is a serve yourself Cheesecake Factory.

          2. So sorry I just saw this, but Al Biernat's (just down Oak Lawn) is as good a steakhouse as you will find anywhere (and yes I understand that may start a fight). Al's is my absolute default spot where I have never had bad service, food or experience. Also good at lunch.

            I'll also throw Green Papaya (very close to the Warwick) out there as a decent spot. For Tex-Mex, head to MAple and take your pick. Avilia' s is great and I am still a fan of herrera's (please bring back hand made tortillas)

            Hope the trip to Dallas was great, I was actually doing the exact opposite of your trip as I went to N.O. that weekend (Commander's new chef is flat out amazing)