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May 22, 2009 02:56 PM

Ice Cream in Ashford CT

I know there is an ice cream/dairy stand in Ashford but I simply could not find it today. I've been there a couple times before but there are no signs anywhere. Can anyone help? It's quite near me and the product is outstanding. Name of road? Name of stand? Thanks.

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  1. You wouldn't by chance mean We-Lik-It, would you? It's in Pomfret, and not right in Ashford, but it's fairly well known as a great place for ice cream, so i thought I'd throw that out. It's off of 44.

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        Thanks - I'll check it out and let you know.

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          Google took me to and there it was--it's in Abingdon, not Ashford, on Route 97, off of Rt. 44. It's definitely worth the detour!! All is well.

        2. My wife and I just went for a drive, hoping to randomly stumble on some food. We stumbled upon "Ashford Dari Bar" (their sign is spelled "Dari") on Route 44. Google says it's on 1 Pompey Hollow Rd Ashford, CT 06278-1552, but my GPS said I was at 409 Ashford Center Road. It's what looks like a tiny ice cream shack, but it's got kitchen that continues behind it.

          I had a bacon cheeseburger and a plain hot dog. My wife had two hot dogs with sauerkraut and a can of Pepsi. The total came to $20.xx which I thought was a bit much; the bacon cheeseburger's price was listed at $3.50 and I hadn't noticed the hot dog price. However, when we got the food I found that it was worth it.

          The bacon cheeseburger was a surprise delight. The patty looked like a common 1/4lb frozen patty but tasted better. The lettuce was fresh and finely chopped. The bun should have spent more time on the grill, it wasn't very toasted. It did have those tiny little seeds that I don't know what they're called on it. The cheese was unremarkable. The bacon was *perfect*; I don't think I've ever had such perfect bacon.

          The hot dogs were nearly 10 inches long. They were decent, not great, but the buns were toasted to perfection (wish they had managed that on the burger bun). Wife says that the sauerkraut was homemade and really great.

          Then we went back for soft serve ice cream. The ice cream was good but unremarkable, except for the serving size and price. A "small" was quite large, and a "large" was really tall. The small (with chocolate coating) and the large came to $4.xx together.

          1. Living in Ashford and being 40 pounds over weight I can tell you that we have a couple of ice cream stands worth finding.
            Across from the Mobil gas station right there at the intersection of 74 and Route 44, there is a flower stand that sells ice cream (I think the brand is Hershey but I’m not sure) They are not noted for the ice-cream, but they sell the most beautiful flowers, plants and trees. The plants are healthy and strong and guaranteed. They have all kinds of gardening supplies and needs and just happen to sell ice cream too.

            The longest standing place would be the Ashford Dairy Bar. Great place, Great Hotdogs. If you live in Ashford, it’s a true sign of spring when the sign goes up that says “We’re Open” on the Ashford Dairy Bar. This place is right on Route 44 between Pumpkin Hill Road and Whitehouse Auto. They serve soft serve ice cream and the greatest hot dogs with cheese ever served. (trust me on this I don’t like Hot dogs) hamburgers, French fires and onion rings, There are picnic tables to the side of the building to sit and watch traffic go by as your ice cream melts all over your chin. It’s a great place to bring the kids.
            The next place is “We-Like-It”. It’s technically in Abington. Take Rout 44 to 97 it’s on the left. They far out win anybody selling Ice cream. If you’re on a diet don’t even bother going here. Just make up your mind that you’re going to have to diet for a week to make up for this indulgence. But trust me on this,. It will be worth every crunchy. Their ice cream is all natural, loaded with milk fat and flavor that is to die for. They have Orange Pineapple, Coconut, Squirrel Tracks, Moose Tracks, Brownie Batter, Cake Batter, Raspberry Swirl, Guernsey Cookie, Cookies and Cream, oh ya, they also have Vanilla and Chocolate too. They have the heaviest Whipped cream because again, it’s made right there and loaded with all of the milk fat you could possibly want. They have home made waffle cones that you watch them make so they are still warm when you bite into them. You can also order ice cream cakes for special occasions. They have picnic tables and a lawn that the kids can play on and a flower barn you can purchase hanging flower baskets from while you browse around the grounds
            Also, I should mention that Pete’s has FINALLY reopened after being shut down for a year, this past Wednesday was their grand reopening. They sell awesome friend seafood, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream, Again this place also has the road side ice cream stand flair, but well worth it if you want to stop for dinner and an ice cream. It beats the heck out of McDonalds, Burger King Wendy’s etc.

            If you live in Ashford, you have a few great places to choose from if you don’t feel like cooking and you want ice cream. It’s truly a great testament to living in the country.

            1. We-Lik-It in Abington, CT right down the road from Ashford, CT is the" best damn ice cream I have ever had",hands down, and waffle cones made on the spot when you order. Simply delicious. A close second is Ashford Dari Bar, in Ashford. Great ice cream, and very, delicious food..burgers, french fries, hot dogs, milk food around, and great spot to spend a nice summer day....two other fine Ashford establishments, worth checking out....Sneakers and the Wooden Spoon....

              1. I live in Ashford, and we frequent the Ashford Dairy Bar on hot summer evenings. It's nice to sit outside and enjoy an hot dog and ice cream cone.

                Somebody else here mentioned "We Lik It ", in Abington CT (about 20 minutes from Ashford). There, you can get REALLY good home made waffle cones (made fresh, and served still warm!). We Lik It has unique blends of flavors with special ingredients ( such as candies) mixed in. A cone is large is filling!

                Yet another ice cream place near Ashford is the UConn Dairy Bar. Though the new and current location for the dairy isn't as charming as their former 1950's tiled dairy, the ice cream is great! They make their own, it's fully fatted and delicious!