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May 22, 2009 02:55 PM

Masala Kraft in Hartsdale??

Ok I just drove through Hartsdale and saw a sign that said "Masala Kraft" or something of that nature next to Frankie and Fannucis.... New Indian Restaurant?! Does anyone know anything? I could be totally wrong and it might not even be a restaurant :-) Thanks!

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  1. Town of Greenburgh has info as follows:
    WHEREAS, a Public Hearing is required to consider a special permit application by Masala Kraft Café to operate a 760 sq. ft. Indian snack food restaurant with ten (10) seats at three tables and four (4) counter seats in the Hartsdale Center District Zone.
    Hope that helps.
    I'm eagerly awaiting the opening.

    1. You are correct-saw a small wirte-up yesterday on it as part of what is going on in Hartsdale (Big Top is closing down). IIRC it is going to be more of a cafe type but lets wait and see what does open.

      1. I walked into Masala Kraft last weekend and they said they would be opening today. I took a menu and it looks to be veg. snack food (dosas, etc.) I'm hoping to pick some stuff up later today if it is open. Has anyone tried it?
        PS. The owners couldn't have been nicer when I walked in to get the 411

        1. Okay, so I just checked out masala kraft,

          their food is amazing, best falafel's I've ever had. They import the raw ingredients fresh from Israel(reminds me of my childhood). Their dosa's and other indian snacks were fantastic too!!

          The owners and staff were unbelievable nice, a must try. Finally a good Indian/middle eastern food venue in Hartsdale/Scarsdale area.

          p.s. one of the owners was really cute too!

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          1. re: discostu4life

            So glad to hear that it's good! I wandered in on Saturday after going to the farmers market and picking up a sandwich, not realizing that they served lunch. Picked up a menu and the food looked good. I will agree that the owners were incredibly nice when I came in to ask about the place and get a menu. I am looking forward to trying this place out.

            1. re: ycrazyy

              Does this place have any relation to Kraft in Bronxville? Just curious because its a very particular way of spelling....

            2. re: discostu4life

              Curious about this restaurant I ordered the Potato Kathi Roll. After about 15 minutes I was served a full set of utensils and then the "roll" which took all of two minutes to eat (without utensils). It was about the size of a small Thai spring roll but cut in half and came with a rather large quantity of American ketchup! While tasty, I felt quite ripped off since this "savory" cost $7.95 but was not worth more than three dollars. Wonder how many other dishes are served with this ketchup.

              1. re: budinado

                It's definitely served with the sandwiches.

            3. Oh so sad. I've ordered from Masala Kraft 3 times. 1st time as a walk in and waited 20 minutes for a falafel and samosa chat. There was only two other people in the cafe. 2nd time I walked in and waited 35 minutes for my falafel! Unacceptable. I spoke to a young guy who says he is an owner. I told him I was so happy that they were here, food is great but "you're going to kill your business if you can't get it out faster".

              Learning from the past, last night I phoned my order in. Showed up 20 minutes later and waited 10 minutes. Looked like chaos in the kitchen. 2 other people waiting for take-out when I arrived (still waiting when I left) many tables filled and many apologies to seated costumers from owner (??) as bits of orders trickled out of the kitchen.

              I watched as 2 people behind the counter tried to get my very late order into a bag. The bag fell to the floor, was picked up, and my food when in. YIKES!

              Got home and and our food was down right inedible. Cold, soggy, weird tasting.....Three meals tossed into the garbage.

              I so wanted Masala Kraft to be a staple for takeout for my family. I won't be going back.

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                1. re: caitmeg10

                  We went there on Saturday night, our first time, and the service was fairly fast, I can't say we waited more than 10 minutes for our dosas/ samosas. I have to say the food here is good, my only complaint is that its vegetarian and we are big protein eaters in our family. The food was also on the spicy side, which we like, but could be a little too hot to handle for some folks I could imagine. We'll definitely be back when we're in the mood for vegetarian.

                  1. re: RawTunaFan

                    Went to MK yesterday for dinner. It was soooooooooooooooo delicious! The best falafel in Westchester. Everything was so fresh and bursting with flavor. We will surely go back.

                    1. re: Bipster1

                      Tried Masala Kraft for lunch yesterday with my wife - I had the potato dumpling sandwich while my wife got the Masala Kraft sandwich - a veggie cutlet. Both were very tasty and nicely spiced. Saw some people eating dosas that looked good, too. Prices are reasonable as well. Definitely worth a regular stop.

                      Masala Kraft Cafe
                      206 E Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530