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May 22, 2009 02:45 PM

Cheeburger Cheeburger Coming to Flemington

According to Cheeburger Cheeburger's web site, they will be opening a restaurant in Flemington. It will go into the 'Shoppes at Flemington' mall, which is just off Routes 202/31.

I wish them all the best as the three eateries that are currently in this mall are having a really tough time.

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  1. my experiences with their burgers are so-so, but when i have a craving for onion rings (for some reason) theirs always seem to hit the spot!

    1. Hi ambrose!

      I've only tried Bok Bok Fresh so far in that shopping center - and I wasn't impressed. I don't mind paying the price for good, fresh food - but the sandwich I had was pretty bland. Have you tried that Mexican place yet?

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      1. re: flourgirl

        Flourgirl, my comments about Bok Bok Fresh's sandwiches (or at least the one I had) are contained in the following thread. The last time I went I had a wrap and it was reasonably good.

        No, I haven't tried the Mexican place. The last time I went by it was completely empty, as were several other stores in the mall.

        1. re: ambrose

          Thanks - I missed that thread somehow.

          I live very close to that shopping center, and I rarely shop there. But then I rarely shop anywhere these days unless I absolutely have to.

        2. re: flourgirl

          The Mexican place is not bad, it is like Chipotle or Quedoba (burritos, burrito bowls, etc.) They do have a grilled veggie option, which Chipotle lacks. Cheap too.... the giant burritos are around $6.50.

        3. I go the the one in Manalapan NJ and they ROCK. We love it there. Best burgers and rings!

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          1. re: howaboutit

            Have also been to the Manalapan one and it is a good burger. Definately a big step up from a fast food burger. I would say for a "highway burger joint" it is near the top, better than Five Guys. Great variety of shakes.

            1. re: RobertinRedBank

              i haven't eat there personally but the Manalapan is packed every night... whenever i drive by the area, it's parking lot is always full even though the restaurant next door, Cafe Foozy, is closed for awhile.

              1. re: yCf

                Cheeburger x 2 is one of my favorite places to eat. Great onion rings, fries, generous milkshakes (my wife & I usually split one), and all those toppings! They had fish for Lent.. Mahi Mahi, so that's what I've been ordering.. great sandwich for $5.99. Won't last long, though.. corporate says no frozen products (got this from the manager), so I guess I'll have to go back to veggie burgers when the fish is gone.

                We ate there for Mother's Day.. no problem getting a table, which is funny, because all the "good" restaurants we saw on the way home had large crowds in the parking lots. :)

          2. Went there tonight and we walked out after waiting 45 minutes for our milk shakes. Way too many workers all bumping into each other, many of them standing around doing nothing. Meanwhile the owner walks around yelling at the top of his lungs everytime someone eats a 1 lb. burger. It might have been entertaining if we actually had something to eat in front of us (or at the very least, the elusive shakes). It's understandable that it's a new establishment and they have some kinks to work out, but come on it's burgers, not rocket science. They offer 60 or 70 types of shakes without the means to keep up with the orders. After 45 minutes we asked where our shakes were. We were told there are still 3 ahead of ours. Helloo??

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            1. re: sharandmike

              I want to try this place but maybe we'll wait a bit - and try to go at an off-peak time....

              1. re: sharandmike

                Hmmm, I think I'll be getting my burgers at Canyon Creek out on Rte. 12 until CC gets its act together. Might even have to go to Friday's.

                I take it there was a big crowd there - 45 minutes and they still had to make three shakes before getting to yours! Was it opening night? Also, did you order food as well? It's not quite clear from your post.

                1. re: ambrose

                  We were a party of 4, and we all ordered hamburgers. I got the feeling our food was going to come out before the shakes did. We didn't stick around to find out though. The food looked very good at the tables surrounding us, we just have yet to taste it. It wasn't opening night. I think it's been open for over a week...I think they will get their act together. It was just frustrating that they would rather take pictures of patrons who ate 1 lb. hamburgers than tend to all the customers. No one even stopped us on our way out to ask what the problem was. Trust me, I am not a fussy person when it comes to dining takes a lot for me to walk out on a place (I think this was the first time I've ever done it!).

                  I get that the place is new, but it was like one giant free for all with management not paying any attention to the pace of the service. If he wanted to meet and greet and take pictures he should have hired someone to do that these first few busy weeks, or at the very least hire someone to look over the operations.

              2. We finally tried Cheeburger last night... and we weren't impressed at all.

                The atmosphere is fun, and our server was a good kid who did a great job. But we thought the food was just OK. We didn't think the fries or onion rings were very good - have had much better. And we thought that the burgers were seriously underseasoned.

                My son loved his shake though! :)

                It took them a very long time to get our food out to us too. But it was fairly crowded and it looked they were doing a lot of take out orders as well. If the food had been better, I don't think we would have really minded about that. In the end, we really thought this place was more style than substance. I only see us stopping by for a shake now and then in the future.

                For the record, we think the food at a little joint on Rt. 31 S between Flemington and Clinton is light years better than Cheeburger Cheeburger. Everything we've ever eaten there was fresh and delicious. And we all thought the onion rings at this place were the best we've ever had. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of it. I'm going to make it my business this week to find out and I'll come back and post it.

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                1. re: flourgirl

                  The burgers at Cheeburger are of better quality than what you get at most chain restaurants, but I find them bland even with all the toppings I've tried. The onions rings are thin and crispy most of the times, a couple of times they were very greasy. Fries are not bad. Best of all are their shakes, very good. I love the chocolate marshmallow malted, yum.

                  1. re: Check17

                    Yes, the night we went the onion rings were very greasy, and the fries weren't crisp.

                    The chocolate marshmallow malted sounded good to me too - I have to try that one.