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May 22, 2009 02:42 PM

When to go to Burger Bar to avoid a wait (in Vegas)?

I really want to go to the Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay when I go to Vegas next week but I would dearly love to avoid a wait, or at least a long wait. I have heard that the waits can be over an hour during normal lunch and dinner times; what if I were to go at 11am or 2pm? Are there still waits then, or do I basically have to go at 3.30 in the afternoon to avoid a wait? Perhaps if I go during lunch on a weekday it won't be as bad.

Also - definitely want to get truffle sauce and fried egg as toppings and know those two go well together, but what cheese and/or vegetables would go with those? Would like to get at least one veggie in if possible and I'm thinking maybe a mild cheese that won't clash with the truffle flavor--swiss or monterey? Or would a strong cheese like bleu make more sense?

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  1. BB will be crowded all day long, 3:30 pm on a weekday as well as 8:00 pm on a Saturday. However, we went right at opening. Literally at 10:30 am when the gate was still down. While we waited, crowds began to form. When they opened, we were seated at a booth, had the best waitress with a great attitude; we were served promptly, wanted for nothing, and had some of the best burgers of our lives. YMMV with regards to what toppings you order and how well they work together. I will always reject anyone who puts together crazy items and then complains about the resulting taste. I will say that to go to BB and order something you could get anywhere is a wasted opportunity. If you want truffle sauce and a fried egg -- go for it. I can't say how well it will work, just don't settle for angus, cheddar, tomato and lettuce. Also, try a beer flight -- five choices for a reasonable price. They have an excellent beer list. Enjoy!

    1. Las Vegas is pretty slow these days. We walked by Burger Bar around 6 last Friday night and there was no waiting at all. Same later in the evening when we walked by later the same evening. Can't promise that's the case but pretty much our experience last week was no waiting anywhere, even on the weekends.

      1. I have been a few times during 'peak' times but have always managed to get seats at the bar, even as a four top. If you keep working your way towards the back, you will increase your chances of bar seating. Really limited on veg though. Fried zucchini was decent, but really wouldn't consider that a veg. Sliders are good too. First time we went we got the foie burger which was excellent. Dessert burger not so much.

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          I was at Burger Bar about 2 weeks ago on a thursday night at 7 pm. I waited for only 15 mins and then there was no wait when I was eating my dinner. I didn't do the egg and truffle sauce topping, here's my burger

        2. When we went a few months ago, it was pretty busy (they said 45 minutes wait for a table), but we were able to snag a seat immediately at the bar (and received excellent service, and the same menu).

          1. What are the prices like at Burger Bar? I'm going to Vegas in July and it sounds delicious!