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May 22, 2009 02:09 PM

Mooo vs. KO Prime

We are debating between Mooo or KO Prime. We are a 30 something married couple, who like great food, great service and great drinks. My husband is a fan of rib-eyes and I like the filet or seafood and great potato or polenta sides. Thoughts...

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  1. I am definitely preferential to KO prime. Have always loved their interesting appetizers. If you like/ love charcuterie and offal like me that KO is the way to go for sure. Recently had the charcuterie board that the house make and smoked chicken liver/foie gras liverwurst is one of the best things that I have had in boston lately. Rabbit dish with morels was absolutely great and the "flinstonean" bone-in ribeye is so so good. Cocktails are good but not Number 9/ES good but very solid. Wine list is for sure a little (ok a lot) overpriced.

    1. I'd do Mooo.... if the quality of beef is a factor. The flintstone long bone chop is an industry creation and removes the dorsal muscle from the loin - for me the only reason to eat a ribeye. And the beef at KO Prime is USDA choice.

      1. I would do neither. When you are paying that kind of money I would go to Abe's or Grill 23. I believe both are much better that Mooo or KO.

        1. Between the two, I would go with Mooo, but my real suggestion would be neither and to checkout Grill 23.

          Between Mooo and KO Prime, Mooo offers better beef. But Grill 23 trumps both. As almansa mentioned, KO Prime is now using Choice beef, which is doubly unfortunate given KO's name. KO Prime does have a rep for some great charcuterie, but Chef Jamie moved from KO to Toro, another Ken Oringer joint, this one doing Catalan-style tapas, and now his charcuterie / offal prowess is on display there.

          To me, Grill 23 is a step above both KO and Mooo. Better beef, better service, beautiful space (for a steakhouse). If you want a lively, power-charged crowd, sit downstairs. For a more quit, relaxing visit, sit upstairs. Wine menu is long and expensive, but has plenty of excellent bottles. Sides are all good. Steaks are excellent--I love ribeyes too. Last time I visited Grill 23, I had the special of dry-aged new york strip that was delicious.

          Whatever you do, enjoy.

          1. The original comment has been removed