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Best Burger in Bucks County?

It's Memorial Day Weekend and I want to search out the best burger this weekend. I am planning to go to Dilly's Corner, Chopper's and Issac Newton's. Where else should I go to get a great All American burger?

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      1. re: TwoBellies

        Hey TwoBellies, took your advice and went to Mikes's for a burger. I had the Mike's Super Burger and it was great. I also had their wings kinda so-so but the burger was super. I posted the whole experience to my blog. You can read about it at http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress....

          1. re: PeterJustason

            Thanks for the Shoutout! I just posted your article on my forum! Get Some!

        1. Wow! Dilly's Corner! Haven't been there in quite awhile. Let us know how their burger was Peter

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          1. re: givemecarbs

            I love Dilly's. There DillyBurger is great. Here is the link to my post about my last visit there. http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress....

          2. I think the best burger is just over the border of Bucks County. Bubba's Pot-bellied Stove in Coopersburg, Lehigh County wins the burger competition for me!

            1. Should have checked before my last post - Bubba's is in Quakertown, so for my money, it is the best in Bucks County and those Lehigh County people will have to "come on down" to get a taste! Mea culpa!

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              1. re: bucksguy14

                Thanks Bucksguy. Other food suggestions in Bucks Co would be great. I'll let you know how it went at Bubba's

                1. re: PeterJustason

                  Bubba's was worth the drive from New Hope and made our Top 5 list for Bucks Co. You can read about our Top 5 list for Bucks Co Burgers at http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress....
                  The post about the visit to Bubba's should go up in the next couple of days.

                    1. re: PeterJustason

                      Glad to hear you liked Bubba's! I'm not a wings guy, but my wife like's the hot ones there. I like both the Gene White & British burgers you picked and, if I'm in the mood for sloppy, I go for the Kennett Square (I'm tasting that garlic herb cheese right now!!). We always get an order of onion rings I see a ride to Upper Bucks in my near future.

                      1. re: bucksguy14

                        Reading these posts, I am forgetting I had quite the meal today. I want a burger!

                        1. re: crazyspice

                          Very cool Bucksguy14. We will have to try the Kennett Square next time. Other reco?

                          CrazySpice, Are you eating in Buck Co these days?

                            1. re: crazyspice

                              Any recommendations for wings or margaritas?

                              1. re: PeterJustason

                                Sorry, Peter. I don't partake of either. I am a wine girl.

                                1. re: crazyspice

                                  Been to any good wineries you can recommend?

                                  1. re: PeterJustason

                                    While not generally a fan of Pennsylvania wines, I really enjoy Sand Castle wines. Located on River Road in Erwinna.

                                    1. re: crazyspice

                                      Been there and had some nice wines. I liked their reds. Been to Washington Crossing winery in Washington Crossing?

                                      1. re: PeterJustason

                                        I have not. I prefer white. What can you tell me about them?

                            2. re: PeterJustason

                              I like their onion soup on cold days. My wife likes the Coconut Shrimp. I've had the Ed Wynn Samich but it was so long ago I don't really recall what I thought of it. I've been hooked on their burgers for about 10 years! Can't beat a burger, onion rings and an ice-cold brew!

                              1. re: PeterJustason

                                One other thing, since we moved to Montco about a year & a half ago, I've been searching for a burger to come close to Bubba's. Haven't been successful so far. If anyone has a Montco burger recommendatiion, I'm all ears (maybe I should say eyes since we're on-line!).

                                1. re: bucksguy14

                                  I've just posted a long review of Yo Dogs, a burger/dog takeout joint in Wyndmoor (Montgomery County). Thoroughly enjoyable. I think you might want to take a spin down Willow Grove Avenue to try it out!

                                  1. re: kiwijen

                                    Love a good dog. Any suggestions for Buck Co?

                                    1. re: PeterJustason

                                      at risk of ruining my new found fame, go to Lenny's at Bustleton and Street Roads for the Combo, fishcake, dog and Pepper Hash. It's the only place I know of that still has them. It was a childhood fav growing up in Philly!

                                      1. re: TwoBellies

                                        Very cool. Will give it a try and report back.

                                        1. re: PeterJustason

                                          TwoBellies Lenny's wasn't so good. Might have been a bad day for them but take a read and let me know if you think what I wrote was fair. http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress.... I also went back to Dilly's Corner and had a very good dog with tons of onions, peppers and fries. It's also on the blog

                                          1. re: PeterJustason

                                            I let ya down, Dag! Don't remember bad buns, at least not on the dog. Haven't been there is a few years. I owe you a lunch, pal. Say when and where!

                                    2. re: kiwijen

                                      Yo Dogs in Wynmoor has the best burgers in the area. Hands down! The Famous Garlic Fries are the bomb as well.

                                      1. re: jessjackets

                                        I think Wynmoor just a little outside the boundaries of Bucks County. You could start a best of Montco!

                    2. Choppers in Lahaska is out of business. You didn't miss anything.

                      1. there is also a newish Five Guys in Doylestown. They get my vote for best burger

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                        1. re: dan macey

                          Thanks for the Choppers update. And 5 Guys reco. I will have to try.

                          Just tried John & Peter's in New Hope. I like their burgers. Here's the link to my post about them. http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress....

                          1. re: PeterJustason

                            Peter, loving your blog! Good work, man!

                            1. re: TwoBellies

                              Thanks TwoBellies, help me out with comments and recommendations.

                            2. re: PeterJustason

                              Other places to try:

                              Pineville Tavern
                              Candlewyck Lounge Buckingham I like the steakhouse burger or the black and blue burger. Lots of people order the Buckingham burger. Note the fries are separate, but worth ordering.

                              Another chain but worthy of consideration is Ted's Montana Grill in Warrington, try the Bison burger.

                              1. re: cwdonald

                                I think I'm going to give Ted's a shot!

                                1. re: TwoBellies

                                  Thanks CW. I did try the Pineville Tavern and posted about it at http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress.... Good burger but I think you can do better. Have been to Candlewyck but not since started writing the the blog so will have to go back. Forgot about Ted's so great suggestion.

                                2. re: cwdonald

                                  Thanks CW tried the Candlewyck and the Steakburger was great. So great we added it to our Top 5 Burger List. http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress.... Can't wait to try Ted's.

                                  Any recommendations for Wings or Cheesesteaks in Bucks Co?

                                  1. re: PeterJustason

                                    Try Steve's on Rt.1, south of the Oxford Valley Mall for cheesesteaks. It is the third outpost of Steve's Prince of Steaks in the Northeast.

                                    1. re: PeterJustason

                                      I second the recommendation for Steve's. For wings, give Mosquito Grill in Doylestown a whirl. Lots of choices in types of wings available.

                                3. re: dan macey

                                  Thanks for the tip Dan. Had not heard or tried Five Guys before yesterday but they serve a great burger and dog. I love the simple nature of the store and how custom they can make each buger or dog. My wife and I enjoyed our food. I wrote about our experience at http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress....
                                  Thanks again for the tip. Have other suggestions?

                                  1. re: PeterJustason

                                    Noticed your comment about the Bucks Top 5. If Five Guys were not a chain, which of the existing 5 would you have bumped?

                                    1. re: bucksguy14

                                      I think Mikes might be at risk. Which one would you swap out?

                                      1. re: PeterJustason

                                        Can't say - haven't been to all of them. I'm also not the connoisseur that you appear to be about burgers. I just know what I like when I bite into it. If it's dripping blood after I've asked for medium-well, I'm not happy; if the bun is falling apart starting with the first bite, I'm not happy; if the tomato is paper-thin or half-green, I'm not happy, if it arrives with the mayo I specifically said I don't want, I'm really not happy. So, I may have to try a couple of those on your list when I'm trolling around Bucks. In the meantime, I'm trying to find something good in Montco, where we now live. There's another thread going there (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/627847), but it doesn't have a Peter Justason leading the charge - and that's too bad, because you're doing a great job!

                                        1. re: bucksguy14

                                          I think you have a great set of criteria around what a great burger should be. I grew up in a restaurant in Canada so I ate a lot of burgers so I appreciate a great one when I get one. I think it's also fun to rank stuff and that usually get a converstation/debate happening. Thanks for the complement. I am just having fun. I will have to check out the burgers "across the border" in Montco.

                                4. I love the four-cheese stuffed burger at Basically Burgers in Doylestown.

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                                  1. re: enchanted

                                    Have heard good things so I am going to try soon and report back.

                                    Had an Iberian Burger at Bobby Simones with YouTube comedian Nalts the other day and it was very good. You can read about it at http://petersfoodadventure.wordpress....

                                    1. re: enchanted

                                      Thanks for the tip, Donna and I finally made it to Basically Burgers in Doylestown and the brugers were great. I posted on my blog about our visit if you want to check it out. There is also a link to video that a fellow blogger made about their Taco Burger. The link is http://wp.me/puLF3-vq

                                    2. I've written about this on other posts, but I think the frenchie burger at the Farmhouse Tavern in Doylestown is a great burger. They get a great char on their burger there, the bun is good, and the toppings on the burger are onion marmalade and a garlicky, herby boursin cheese.

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                                      1. re: JCap

                                        I have driven by there a couple of times but now I have a reason to go in. Thanks for the tip

                                      2. Peter - this expands the search a little, but here's a link to Epicurious where they've rated the Top 12 Burgers in the country. The closest to us is Rouge in Philly!

                                        1. Three of my favorites:
                                          Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope (also Princeton)
                                          Porterhouse Brew Pub in Lahaska
                                          Canal Street Grille in Yardley (it's mainly a Greek place but their burgers are great too)

                                          1. A really good, off the beaten path Bacon cheeseburger is at Sundays in quakertown. i'ts nothing fancy but is super delicious and always fresh and handmade. There may be better burgers, but this one is very good and always slips through the cracks.

                                              1. re: singingariesgirl

                                                Are you serious? With all the places mentioned on this thread, do you really think 5 guys is the best burger in Bucks? Have you tried any of the others mentioned?

                                              2. Continental Tavern in Yardley has a delicious burger. And they have a half priced burger deal on Monday nights.

                                                Continental Tavern
                                                2 N Main St, Yardley, PA 19067