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May 22, 2009 01:43 PM

Just Lunch - New Lunch Spot at University Ave. (1950 Univ. Circle) in East Palo Alto

A new lunch place opened this week at 1950 University Ave next to the Four Seasons (University Circle) replacing the spot left empty by Petite Lulu. Their menu includes 4 salads (Harvest, Ceasar, Latin, Chinese Chicken) (chicken, beef and shrimp as add ins), sandwiches using homemade breads, and 4 types of pizza (Spring with Latin Pesto, Classic Margarita, Pepperoni, and BBQ Chicken). I suspect they will increase their menu items as time progresses. I ordered the Ceasar Salad with Chicken today and it was amazing! Tons of slices of chicken breast and fresh baked crutons. It tasted super fresh and the dressing was spot on. The pizza's are thin crust and looked really good too. Prices are quite reasonable too. Sandwiches and Salads were around $6. Add in were $2. Pizzas were $5-$6. Portions were quite substantial.

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  1. thanks for taking the plunge. i work in the complex too and intend to try it next week.

    as an fyi, the dla building has a very small business from around 11-1? 2? offering basic sandwiches and a daily hot entree in the cafeteria. for $5, the sandwiches are basic rolls or bread (orowheat, dutch crunch etc), mid range meats (not heavily processed, looks like actual meat as opposed to oscar meyer), and the usual veggie options. they add a scoop of potato/pasta/macaroni salad or a fruit cup. the sandwiches are fine, and it was a nice option after lulu closed and i got tired of soup. there are also premade salads. i've not tried the hot entrees, but it ranges from enchiladas to bbq to whatever. two very nice ladies running their small family business.

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      Thanks for the tip. I had no idea...I will check it out.

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      Just Lunch
      1950 University Ave East, Palo Alto, CA 94303

      1. i went today and got a sandwich, which is $6.50 and only ok. the "sourdough" bread is soft, squishy bread with no crust to speak of, so a big meh to that. the turkey is nice quality and they have dijon mustard. but mediocre bread coupled with pre-shredded iceberg lettuce... i won't be getting this again over $5 sandwich from the women in the DLA cafeteria.

        on the plus side, just lunch offers lots of snack items like good chocolate bars, chips, candies, granola bars, plus cough drops.

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          That is just a sourdough soft roll. Was the bread mediocre or did you just want a crusty sourdough roll?

          Also, weird, I know, some people prefer shredded lettuce for their sandiches (call it a sub, and it seems like the right kind of lettuce).

          1. re: P. Punko

            both, i think. the "sourdough" slices that were barely sour, mostly just the kind of squish that turns to spackle on the roof of one's mouth, a la wonderbread. the bread was so soft and holey that the condiments were immediately seeping through, making it very messy.

            good point on the lettuce, definitely an expectation gap.

            1. re: artemis

              Oh- it wasn't a soft roll- it was sliced bread. Yeah, definitely want something substantial if it is going to be sliced, and shredded lettuce again is right for a roll, not so much sliced. Thanks for the clarification. I agree completely with your take.

        2. The original comment has been removed