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May 22, 2009 01:33 PM

Soho - Lunch


Former Manhattan Chowhounder, going to be back in town next weekend and I took Friday off from work to shop/hangout with a couple friends. I'd like to have lunch somewhere in Soho. Are there any new/fun places with outdoor seating? (New, as in the last 12 months) I'd like to be in the West Broadway area. We're open to different types of food and would like a leasurely lunch with a nice bottle of wine.


- Megan

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  1. Aurora on Broome and west corner of West Broadway is sort of new. The menu is simple, well priced, and their wine list is very decent. Outdoor sitting area is a bit limited though.
    The only other place around there I can think of is Aquagrill, and while that's not new, it always hit the spot for me.

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