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May 22, 2009 01:23 PM

What can I wrap fish in to bake it that is natural?

I'm going to cook some salmon tonight and I'd like to bake it. Usually I'd do this by wrapping it in aluminum foil, but I'd like to stop using aluminum foil and use something natural. Someone in another thread mentioned wrapping it in blanched lettuce leaves, which sounds lovely, I just have no other call for lettuce at the moment so I am remiss to buy a head just to have it go bad.

What about corn husks like tamales are wrapped it? I've never used them, but is it ok to bake them in the oven?

Any other ideas?

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  1. parchment paper. banana leaf.

    1. Salmon wrapped in grape leaves is really nice.

      1. Individual portions wrapped in thinly sliced raw potato. I think you need to brown the packet, then finish in the oven.

        1. Banana leaves or lotus leaves. If you use dried lotus leaves, soak them in warm water first for about half an hour.

          1. Great suggestions! I'm going to head to the store in a bit and see what they have.

            But what should I tie it with?

            Thanks so much!