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May 22, 2009 01:12 PM

Westvleteren 12 in dallas area?

Does anyone know where to get Westvleteren 12 in the Dallas area?

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  1. If you can find the stuff this side of Belgium let me know. But good luck...

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    1. re: Insidious Rex

      It is not impossible to find in this country. There is a store in las vegas, some on the east coast, etc. Hoping someone knows a good source in texas.

      1. re: thirstyguy22

        Do you know the name of the store in Vegas? I live there but have never seen it in any store. There IS a bar here (The Freakin' Frog) which has it but they get something like $75 for a single bottle. Fantastic brew but I'm not going to drop that kind of coin on a bottle of beer.

        I was lucky enough to go to Westvleteren last year and bring some of the beer back home, but even though I only drink it on special occasions my supply is almost exhausted and I won't be going to Belgium for a while. So if you know of a store here in Vegas that carries it I'd be most grateful for the name. Thanks and take care - John

    2. The owner of Gezellig (bar in Lowest Greenville) pretends like he has it on the menu there, but when you ask for it he will tell you that he "knows a guy in Belgium" and "can get some for you" but it never happens and I stopped trying after about four unsuccessful visits. No other bar in the area has ever even uttered the name of that beer. So unless you find some great connection, I'm afraid you're going to need to make a pilgrimage.

      1. Can it be ordered online? I am interested in purchasing some (unopened) for a client but I am not convinced the online sources are reliable.

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          not possible :( according to the monks, it is illegal to resell it. you may purchase it in person from the monks at the monastery or the cafe across the street, for your own consumption. the monks live incredibly simple lives who make their fantastic beer in limited quantities only to support their livelihoods.

          fortunately i picked up 24 bottles shortly before a certain American beer site voted 'world's best beer' blah blah blah spoiling it for everyone and making the lives of monks more stressful. ever since, night and day they have to deal with tourists wanting to buy a lot of the beer [there's only so much to go around in this village and surrounding towns]. these days you can easily find it by trading on beer sites, or buy on ebay if you're willing to pay an extortionate price. these are your options if you can't go to the monastery yourself.

          i am down to the last 5 bottles but Westvleteren is only 1 high speed train and a couple of normal speed trains away.

        2. The original comment has been removed