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May 22, 2009 12:40 PM

Fried Oysters?

I had a very pleasant experience at Malibu Seafood..but the one low point was their fried oysters. Even though they had live oysters on display, the fried oysters were clearly canned (and like the scallops, came with a jalapeno popper-style breading).

Please recommend really plump, fresh fried oysters.

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    1. Have you tried Fish King in Glendale? Their ready to eat section has really nice plump fried oysters.

      We buy them by the dozen and make some pretty mean New Orleans style oyster po' boys.

      Fish King Seafood and Poultry
      722 N. Glendale Avenue
      Glendale, California

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      1. re: titania

        No I haven't....are they sitting there or fried to order?

      2. Many of the Chinese Restaurants from Chinatown to San Gabriel Valley that specialize in seafood serve very good fried oysters. Hate to harp on a personal favorite but Hop Li on Alpine is really good.

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        1. Harold and Belles and R23.... both have AMAZING fried Oysters...


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          1. We had a surprisingly good fried oyster appetizer at McCormick & Schmick's in Burbank.
            Also, Little Dom's in Los Feliz makes a killer fried oyster po-boy.

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            1. re: Citron58

              There's also a very tasty appetizer at Boho on Sunset.....fried oyster po-boy sliders.
              Very small....literally bite-sized. But very good.

              1. re: perk

                I was going t oalso reco BoHo fried oyster sliders. They are amazing!