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May 22, 2009 12:33 PM

Places for Lunch/Brunch Date around Columbus Circle/UWS

I am looking for a good place (not too noisy, informal but good food) for lunch/brunch on Saturday afternoon around Columbus Circle / Low UWS or Midtown around Central Park (Westside - West of Madison Ave) above 46 St.

Please... no Norma's, I've been there too many times.

Money is no object. Please share your reccomendation.

Thank you

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  1. I quite like the Blue Ribbon location in that area, for lunch, not brunch.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      i'd second blue ribbon. bouchon is also nice but somewhat hectic.

      1. re: david sprague

        While, to be honest I've not eaten at any of them, I just find the whole vibe at the TW Center a bit off putting as a dining experience. I know I may well be missing some good chow, but there it is! I feel the same way about Demel's at the Plaza, which I wanted to love.

    2. If you can get a reservation, my pick would be Jean Georges. Even though it is the formal dining room, during the day, no jackets are required, so the room has an air of informality about it. The 2 for $28 menu remains one of the best lunch deals in the city. It's wonderful to sit back in that lovely space and be pampered by the polished service.